Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years in a Few Days

I can't wait. I've read all of Don's books so far and haven't been disappointed. I'm anxiously awaiting reading his latest offering: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Here is what one publisher had to say about it: Full of beautiful, heart-wrenching, and hilarious stories, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years details one man's opportunity to edit his life as if her were a character in a movie.

Years after writing his best-selling memoir, Donald Miller went into a funk and spent months sleeping in and avoiding his publisher. One story had ended, and Don was unsure how to start another.

But he gets rescued by two movie producers who want to make a movie based on his memoir. When they start fictionalizing Don's life for film--changing a meandering memoir into a structured narrative--the real-life Don starts a journey to edit his actual life into a better story. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years details that journey and challenges readers to reconsider what they strive for in life. It shows how to get a second chance at life the first time around.

Sounds like another blessing!

You can order yours today here.

PS: A while ago, as part of a publicity stint Don did, it appeared that I helped Miller write this book. Check it out here. Just wanted to clarify: that was a total joke!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Faithing It

We were in Abilene this weekend to help Laura move into her dorm for her sophomore year at ACU! It would have been worth the trip to just spend that time with Laura, help her out, and share the experience with her; but God let us have our cake and eat it too with giving me many other "gifts" over the previous 3 days! I've included them below in no particular order. If I left you off the list, please refer to # 7. Thank you.

Top Ten Gifts of the Past Weekend (in addition to being with Laura!)

10. Just being in Abilene! (Great memories, great people)

9. Harold's with Douthit - a toss up! (normally Harold trumps Kyle, but the conversation with Kyle was even better! I love Kyle and praise God for him! But that sauce is so good too...)

8. Fellowship with the Jensens. (sweetest people on the planet!)

7. Seeing Everyone!

6. Abilene Lighting Storm! (Witnessed a beautiful West Texas Lighting Show out in the distance on Sat night!)

5. A hug from Bob Strader! (Bob "Coach" is like a dad to me! I love that man! I do want to say that getting a hug from Steve Hare was great too but then Hare called me out in front of church, so he got lumped in on #7 and not formally mentioned - haha!!!)

4. Being on Campus! (Can't explain the Niagara of emotions that come over me when I step foot on ACU's campus. It looks so much better than when I was there but my memories of my time there are still so sweet!)

3. Time with my buddy Phil (went out to Schub's crib on Friday and we caught up on life. I praise God for his friendship!)

2. Being Inspired by Paul Jensen to Run a Triathlon! (I might not be this grateful as training picks up or after the race, but right now I'm pumped! Thanks Paul!)

1. Highland. (The Highland Church is home. Great people. Harris shucked the corn like only he can! An indescribable spirit fills that place. It just felt so good to be there!)

Last night we made it home a whopping 15 minutes before our weekly Bara Prep Fest at 6pm at the O'Brien's. That went good too! Brisket tacos! Some good planning and great people. The highlight of the evening for me though came when Becky B shared a simple yet strong bit of prose with us. You might have heard it before but I'm passing it on again because it is just that powerful:

Lead me to some soul today;
O teach me, Lord, just what to say;
Friends of mine are lost in sin,
And cannot find their way.
Few there are who seem to care,
And few there are who pray;
Melt my heart and fill my life:
Give me one soul today.
Will H. Houghton

I think the reason I like this little poem so much is that he bookends the request to be lead to a soul and to get a soul with the requests to be taught and my favorite: to have his heart melted!

And finally, I want to encourage everyone to check out this link over the next few weeks (it's not up yet) and listen to the message from 2009-08-16. Randy Harris preached about "Faithing It" and it was absolutely incredible!