Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Help Haiti Right Now!

Dear Friends,

I’m sending this mass plea out to my entire network of friends and family.

I have an amazing opportunity for you to help Haiti right now!

Brad Gautney called me late last night (said the Holy Spirit put me on his heart) and began to share with me the amazing and atrocious accounts from his last 2 weeks in Haiti. I could talk about Brad for days as he truly is one of the most Christ-like men I’ve ever known. More information about Brad can be found at the end of this email. Check Bara’s website for a video of Brad in Haiti the day after the quake that should be posted the next few days.

So Brad is telling me these stories and I ask him what he needs and he says, “A way to get more supplies from the US into Haiti.” The Spirit immediately brings my good friend David Tatum to my heart. David is a former AA pilot and runs a ministry called Freedom Flight. David had been trying to offer his plane and services for over a week and had a lot of leads but the red tape with some bigger organizations was slowing the process down. Check out his site now! As with Brad, I could go on and on about David and his love for our great King too! I’m texting David while on the phone with Brad and within minutes, Brad and David are on the phone with each other and a trip for this Friday is planned.

Brad has the medical supply reinforcements needed to enable his team of doctors and missionaries to treat the masses. Brad told me that they are giving away over 7,000lbs of food and medicine daily! But those supplies are stuck here in the states. David has the plane and the heart to sacrifice. What we need is money!

We need $6,000 - $10,000 for fuel and we need it in the next 24-48 hrs!

Any amount will help. Seriously, if you have $5.00 to give, send it. We’ve got to get these supplies to Brad and his team in Haiti ASAP!

Here how to give in order of preference:

1. Mail a check today to:

Freedom Flight, Inc

401 N. Carroll Ave #197

Southlake, TX 76092

2. Use PayPal and give right now by clicking here. Send money to "" We do lose money (3%) this way.

3. Contact David and set up a wire or bank transfer for today or tomorrow by clicking here.

Whatever way you choose, please take a minute to contact David and tell him that you are going to (or just did) give and tell him how much so he will know where he stands with the fuel expenses.

If you want to support Brad in addition to this effort, please shoot me an email and I’ll put you in touch.

Thank you so much for considering this opportunity to help immediately with medical and humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

You are so loved…so love.


Brad Gautney is currently living in the United States with his amazing wife Monica, and his daughters Hope and Emma, and son Kado James. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where he specialized in International Health. He now works as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Haiti and East Africa implementing new health programs to reach those most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Brad and Monica Gautney spent four years living and working in Haiti where they oversaw a school, nutrition program, and initiated several community development projects including a community health clinic. He continues to oversee the MannaHaiti program through MGM, making frequent visits to Haiti. Brad also serves on the MGM board as a Director. He can be reached at bgautney@mannaglobalministries. Manna Global Ministries.