Thursday, October 16, 2003

There's something about living with three girls (that sounds bad) (I'm talking about my wife, and two daughters) that makes a man better. This morning my wife woke me up (of course she'd been up by 5:00 and cleaned the entire house) and asked me watch Emily while she takes a bath. The first thing I saw was Emily's face dawning a "bubble beard". I wanted to go watch Sports Center but keeping a watchful eye on my bubble baby was the "better" thing to do. I started to ask Kim to do it so I could watch Sports Center but she was busy working (milking the cows, changing my oil, etc) I finally pried Emily from the tub and was just about to make my way to couch when I noticed the garbage in need of some attention. Choice: Watch Sports Center (I had to see the dejection on the Cubs - Love it!) or dump the garbage? Hmmmm. Kim had done 53 loads of wash and was organizing Emily's room, Laura was standing in a towel watching her clothes dry, and Emily had now moved to the safety of the shower to "de-bubble" so if the garbage was to be dumped it was me or Jesus. I figured the Lord had enough to do so needless to say, Sports Center had to wait. As I finished up the "Herculian" task and made my way to the couch I was intercepted by Laura in desperate need of a ride to school. I started to tell her that I was out of the question as I had a "prior engagement" but I figured "hey, if she doesn't go to school, she'll flunk. If she flunks, she might drop out. If she drops out - no guys going to marry a drop out-flunkie and she'll be living at home until she is 36 (sorry to all the 36 year olds I just offended) so I put Sports Center on hold until my chuaffering duties were completed.

I returned home anxiously awaiting the soothing sound of "da na naunt, da na naunt" (is that the correct spelling of the sound that is Sports Center?) but instead was instructed by wife that I would relieve her of listening to Emily read her book while she finished doing the dishes (some women just can't multi-task) I wanted to listen to Stuart Scott go "Boo-ya" but I didn't. We prayed for Emily's breakfast (Kim's prompting - I hate when she is so "spiritual" - actually I love it) So I listened to Emily read. As she struggled with worlds like everything and beautiful my mind faded away from Sports Center. I realized the blessing that I was living and the insainity of wanting to "waste" my precious time watching over paid people whom I don't know and who do not love me in the least.

I was interupted in deep thought of how these girls bless my life in so many ways every single day with two kisses from Kim and Emily and in a flash the house was still. I was by myself at the kitchen table. I could finally get up and go watch Sports Center. I didn't. I could've - but didn't. I am not the best guy in the world, but because of my three girls (and my son, John, who doesn't live at home. "I love you John") I am getting better.

My your day be filled with the "better" of life.


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