Thursday, November 13, 2003

Okay, so I'm not the poster-child for consistency. I will improve as I have no choice. In the words of Barry Bonds (you either love him or hate him) "the game has disciplined me" and life does have a way of causing us to keep up or get trampled.

Kim got a job today so it is official, "I'm a free-loader!" God is so good which is easy to say because he just answered my prayer according to my will. The catch is ascribing goodness to God when he answers your prayer requests the way we parents respond to our kids when they ask to eat a candy bar before bed and after they have brushed their teeth - "NO!"

I have had a, shall we say, "heightened awareness" of God's involvement in my life these past few weeks and I know that God is going to take care of us. The stupid in me forgets that God has always taken care of His children. From Adam to Abraham, from Moses to Matthew, and from my first days until today God has proven time and time again his faithfulness. The fact that I realize this today won't stop the enemy from furiously fighting for me to forget in the future.

Abilene has always been a "desert" time for me and this go around is no different. God is using these shapeless days to shape me. For what? That is around the corner I'm sure. I've got my eyes on the lookout for any "burning bushes" and the thought that keeps me sacred scared is the possibility that I could walk right by it. Sometimes, I am ashamed to admit that my antenna for God is so low that if he were calling to me in a burning forest I just might miss it for the fact that my eyes are so tightly fixed on myself.

I had lunch with my best friend (I'm kinda like a junior high girl in that I really have about three best friends . . . No way I just referred to myself as a junior high girl) Grant Boone today and he shared with me that he has kept a journal every day this year. Praise God. I would love to have that kind of discipline and commitment to the important instead of giving into the urgent. That is the kind of discipline for which I have a holy hunger.

Kim and I got a phone call from the school this morning. Emily was in the office with a temperature. She is sick. So here is what we did. We went and picked her up. We brought her home. We wrapped her up in blankets. We set her up with a movie and some hot chocolate and took turns snuggling with her. We tried our best at helping her to get well.

So what?

When we are sick, even, no especially when we are spiritually sick, we should call out to our Father in heaven and ask him to pick us up. He will if we call and he will restore us to health. He will not have to take turns holding us as He has endless time for each one of us. And (you're way ahead of me here) he will heal us.

Just thought I'd share that with you.

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