Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Graduate School of Me-ology

I've learned something really important about grad school. It doesn't care if you have a family. In fact, it doesn't care if you have a wife. Heck, grad school doesn't care if you have a life!

Don't get me wrong, ACU graduate school of theology is a blessing and I absolutely love it. It just demands so much time.

This terrible feeling of being robbed of free time probably has to do with the fact that I'm desperately trying to finish up a 25 -30 page paper on the date of Revelation and that I'm a student on a mission, trying to make up for a bad undergraduate GPA by making a 4.0 in grad school (won't happen - that's ok too) but I just feel so "me" focused these past few weeks. Let me clarify: More "me" focused than usual.

I live at the library during the day, come home at 5:45pm and wolf down dinner that I didn't lift a finger to help prepare, kiss my kids and wife goodnight at 6:20pm and then head back up to the life-sucking library until midnight. I come home to a dark, quiet house where I'm the only one awake (barely). This has been my schedule for the past two weeks. It will be for the next two.

I do have the unspiritual gift of embellishment. I have had a little free time. Not much though. It just seems as though my world is orbiting around me instead of others these days.

I'll sure be grateful when class is over in a few weeks so I can go back to being the amazing servant of others that I was before.

Okay, at least I can kiss my kids goodnight when they are going to bed and my wife when she is awake.

Oh grad school . . .this too shall pass.

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