Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good Night Church

I had a headache yesterday. In fact I had a backache too. I was tired. At times during the day, I was short with people, especially my family. I was more reactionary and unintentional in my moment to moment interactions with others than I care to be. I didn't experience much abundance. I was alive and yet there was a "deadness" that encircled me like a bunch of vulchers.

Then I went to sleep.

I rested.

I gave up control.

The next 7 hours were filled with dreams.

I woke up this morning and I feel great!

What if "the church" got some sleep? What if we traded activity for abiding? Swapped the rat race for some rest? What would we look like if we spent a little less time doing and a little more time dreaming?

Good night church.


Kathryn Young said...

Good Blog Joel,
But mostly I wanted to say hi! It's been a long time! I'm excited that you and Kim are in Abilene. Hopefully I'll make it out there sometime to visit! Currently I live back in Arlington - long story about all my travels. Anyways, I also wanted to say it's cool you and Luke are working together again! I miss our times togother in CA, I think the three of us were a great team! Well, that's it. Drop me a line sometime and visit my blog if you dare! And tell Kim hello for me (and the kids too!)
Love ya!

Brandon Scott said...

oh yeah...preach.

Keith Brenton said...

Oh, no! Church can't stop! Church got to get right and then go home! We got to march to Zion! We got to work til Jesus come! Ain't no rest for the weary! Ain't no sleep for the bleary-eyed! Ain't no comfort for the teary-eyed! We got to come rejoicing! We got to be bringing in them sheaves! We got to be toiling in the morning! Toiling at the noontide! And the dewey eve! The harvest-time is coming on! Will you garner any? We got to work, for the night is coming! We got to bring them in from the fields of sin!

(*!* Hmph! *snort* Hmph ... Sorry, I must have dozed off there. Was I talking in my sleep?)