Thursday, October 20, 2005

Irregular Heartbeat

If I had a dollar for everytime someone in my family said something so wonderfully beautiful you might be shopping at Qu-Mart.

Kim, John, Laura & Emily surprise me often with their insight, humor, and compassion. Tonight it was Emily. Here is a brief quote from some of our conversation:

Emily: Dad, is everyone in Trophy Club rich?

Me: No, not everyone. But a lot of people have more money than most people do.

Emily: I think that most people are rich here.

Me: Yeah, a lot of folks are honey.

Emily: That is not good!

Me: Why?

Emily: Because I can't be friends with poor people and live here. Well, I can, but I will just have to drive far to go play.

Me: Long awkward pause as I reflected on the depth of her answer and the often shallowness of my world view.

Emily: Hey Dad?

Me: Yes Emily.

Emily: I'm going to be president someday.

Me: You'd be a great one.

Emily: I want to help poor people. If I was president I could make things right.

Me: Yeah...

Emily: I'd make it "Square and Fair"

Me: Yeah you would!

Emily: Plus you and mom can live in the White House when your old and stuff.

Me: That would be great! (my heart skips a beat as I ponder the beauty of her heart!)

Emily: Do you have to be rich to be president Dad?

Me: (thinking - "do I tell her the truth?" I don't - I lie.) No, you don't.

Emily: Good, cause I'm just a regular girl.

Me: (thinking - "do I tell her the truth?" I don't - I lie again.) Yeah, you're just a regular girl Emily. (with an amazing heart!)

Emily: Thanks Dad.

I'm glad that I have a family whose hearts beat for others. It makes me want to care so much more.


Stephen Bailey said...

"Square and Fair" beats "compassionate conservative." She's got my vote!
What a sweet heart! May we all be willing to "drive far to go play" and may we play nicely with everyone.

Paige said...

Thanks for this...

Kevin said...


somewhere along the way, it seems that Emily has learned the heart of Jesus. I wonder where she got that from?

In a "blog-o-sphere" full of self-absorption, forced controversy, and, dare I say, godless chatter, your blog is a refreshing subsitute for the next best thing... spending time with you and Kim. Love you all!

Katie said...

Oh thank you for sharing that story! Miss you guys...

Anonymous said...

I say send her to the white house now.....

Brad said...

Can I schedule some time for my kids to come play with your kids?

Sam Middlebrook said...

Thanks for sharing that. What a cool moment for God to bless you with.

Scott said...

I'm back baby...

shannon said...

Joel and Kim,
Can I be Emily's manager?

EMILY IN 2032!

"Square and Fair, for us all!"

**disclaimer: if I did the math wrong, in terms of when Emily would roughly be 35-ish, please ignore the error (and also the fact that I taught your eldest daughter math.)

love, shannon