Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Redd with Generosity. Green with Envy.

What a great article! What a better story! In an era of selfishness and within a league of greed, Michael Redd stands out like a sore thumb. He is really a holy hand. The hand of God. Read this story of giving and you will receive a blessing.



Anonymous said...

It is good to see you blogging again. I too redd that story yesterday (that was a joke-get it read-redd.nevermind). I dont think that I had the same perspective on the article as you. When they said that he drove a Bentley or a RangeRover but they both had a Bible in them, made me want to fight or cry. All I have to say is conspicuous consumption. Is that really how the "Hand of God" would spend money?


Joel Quile said...


I wasn't comparing Michael Redd to, say, Mother Teresa, but rather, Jayson Williams.

I'm not upset over the fact that he drives this or that car. It is about percentages and a heart. The widow and her two lepta taught us that. We (most middle class Christians) are quick to pounce on the rich (when we don't know how much they give away) and yet we often live in debt and give far less of a percentage away ourselves.

I read the article and highlighted the good (Philippians 4:8) on my blog. When he gave that gift to the church, I believe God was using him to bless and he was in fact the "Hand of God" in that moment. If that same hand flips someone off, smacks his wife, or rolls a joint, I'm not arguing that is the "Hand of God" then.

I read a lot about NBA players who spend millions on themselves. I found it refreshing to read about one who spent millions on others. I was looking to bless him on my blog. I figured I could leave the condemnation to someone else.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I was not seeking to condemn him because I do not know him except the way that the media portrays him. Even if I did know him it would not be my spot to condemn him. I just think that in a world in which many of us struggle with materialism, including the middle class, we need to be aware of the magnitude of this problem. And how our abuse of wealth perpetuates the oppression of the poor.
I do think that it is a nice start that someone gave about 2% of his income for the next few years to build his father his dream church (his words).

SG said...

Great story! i'm glad to see some of that overpriced NBA money going to something great! Truly he is a great example in a league where there seem to be so few guys I want my son to look to! Thanks for the post.

Stephen Bailey said...

I'll take beauty and love wherever I can find it. I think there is love in this story and beauty in the act of giving.
Trust me Luke, I feel your pain and our abuse of wealth certainly perpetuates the oppression of the poor. But in a world gone mad, specifically mad about athletes and entertainers, it is refreshing to see Redd's actions, regardless of his multiple, cool, Bible toting rides.

Lovell's Lookout said...

Joel- LOve it dude- I am calling this guy and see if he will just send ONE of his weekly tithe checks to us. Just one. People think it's easier to tithe when you have tons of money...His tithe is still just 10 cents on every dollar. Just like us. Great Stuff.. I will also challenge him to a game of charity PIG.. Love you bro...

D Pitt said...


It was good to see you and your family up here again! We miss ya'll! Slap McBryde around for me if you get a chance.

Mark D said...


Very good points you raised in response to "anonymous Luke" - was that an oxymoron? Anyway, here's a food-for-thought question: Would Jesus have worn Armani? The kicker is...he did...or at least the equivilant. If he was wearing the blue-light special then lots wouldn't have been cast for his clothes, they would have been tossed out. We should be careful who we speak about. Maybe the church cost was only 2% of the man's income, but that's only what we know about. Maybe he gives 50 or 60% that we don't hear about because he "doesn't let his right hand know what his left hand is doing." If we point fingers at others it limits what God can do for us. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Keep after it, brother.