Monday, February 27, 2006

Habit or Hunger?

Yesterday, Stephen and I had the pleasure of getting to sit in on a meeting of executive ministers at a local church. (I've chosen not to mention the name of the church to keep the parties involved anonymous) It was an incredibly productive meeting (both for them and for us as "flies on the wall") and Stephen and I learned a ton about leadership and communication from our friends down the road (albeit, a fairly long road - it is the Metroplex) but the most important lesson came from one comment that one of the minsters made. I have not been able to get it out of my mind and felt compelled to share it.

"God revealed to me that he is my habit and not my hunger. I want him to be my hunger!"

A chill went up my spine when he spoke it and I felt Holy Spirit rustle the dry leaves of conviction in my soul.

I don't know if it is because I'm currently preaching through Amos or because I'm about to begin a 40 day fast tomorrow (prayers are coveted!) or because I'm asking God to work on my heart to keep it soft and dependent or some other reason, but I cannot stop thinking about that confession.

The sheer honesty of the revelation and true contrite spirit of the man that spoke it was equally as impacting. I've known this Christ follower for almost 20 years and he has always had such a hunger for God. It was so encouraging to see that he is still chasing after Him with a holy hunger.

I want that hunger.

I want that hunger.


k2 said...

wow ... i'm speechless. that is really convicting. i have fallen into that habit a lot. i get the hunger around this time of year, because we used to attend 'stream in the desert' in midland texas, until we moved to l.a. in 2004, around this time of year. if you haven't been to 'stream' you need to get yourself there! what a weekend! i miss texas, a lot! mostly the people, not the scenery, though. i hunger for what we had at park row in arlington.

Amy C said...

I share in your passion for a hunger for the Lord, there is no greater heart unrest than head knowledge without out soul hunger and thirst. There is no greater pain that soul starvation. God has created no stronger drive within us. I will pray for you during your fast. We should all find that hunger.

Lovell's Lookout said...

Joel- Amen!! I was led to your blog today because I needed to hear what you are writing about...HUnger!!! Thank you for your heart. It is so cool to see God's work in your life. You are a mighty man of God and I count it a priveledge to have you as a friend... I will pray for your fast. If you want to incredible counsel on fasting call Marcus Breechen and take him to lunch (oops). He has done several 40 days and helped me when I did an extended one. I have one piece of advice- do not break an extended fast with spinach quesadilla's from Chili's or any other cheese products. The cramping will make you want to die. LOve you bro.. lets get together soon over a glass of Dasani...