Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three's a Charm

I don't recall posting to simply recommend reading someone else's blog, but today I am doing just that. In fact, I'm pointing you in three directions.

For a compact and cool look at "preparing for the tests of life" click here.

For a random look at little (and yet truly big) things in life, click here.

And for a delightful piece on vintage aprons and the stories behind them, click here.


PS: I go into 7-eleven every morning for a Glaceau Vitamin water and a Snicker's Marathon. I engage in intentional conversation with a young clerk named Abby. Today Abby finally asked me where I was going at 5:30am every Sunday. I told him, "to church" to which he replied, "pray for me."

I did. I will continue to do so. Will you join me? Next week I will ask him what specifically I can pray for him. I'll keep you posted.


ken said...

i'm guessing abby is not a typical american. his name is not something i would have heard growing up.

i will pray for him and He will know how to bless him.

DebMc said...

Hey, I recognize those blogs. Thanks for the plug!

On your left out House, M.D. to which we are currently addicted. Then, of course, the gold standard of TV shows in our house...anything Stargate related.
I can't believe you don't have Stargate on your list.