Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Less Is Way More

I always want more so I chase more only to find less. What I'm learning (painfully slow) is that "less" is always the road we must travel to arrive at "more." In fact, it is almost disturbingly inverse. If you want much more, you must pursue a lot less.

Kim and I are considering downsizing homes and going to one car. We're asking God if less could really result in more? (More time? More peace? More to give away? More to enjoy?) I'm ruthlessly weeding out my schedule looking for opportunities to drop and delegate. And of course, every Sunday I stand before my brothers and sisters with less and less material in hopes of proclaiming more and more meaning. Call it editing, downsizing, pruning, whatever you'd like.

Just try it.

You have less to lose and more to gain than you think.

Here is one example of what it might look like:


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DebMc said...

Hey, how did I miss this post?

It's good one. Timeless, powerful questions. Keep seeking! The simplest life we ever lived was in a t-i-n-y apartment in Europe. Such peace and freedom...finances, time, and energy.

We live like American these days...too busy, too stretched, too stressed.