Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Brilliance and Bemoaning

It’s a big day today in America. Vote '08. Election Day. This ensures that by tomorrow morning, half the nation will be celebrating the brilliance of their fellow citizens, while the rest will be busy bemoaning the tragic events that are sure to follow in the years ahead.

Regardless of whether your candidate wins or loses, just remember you're still are blessed to live in an amazing country with a democratic process and a peaceful transfer of power. Believe me, there are billions around the globe who would swap places with you at a heart beat.

So I'm asking you to do two things:

1. Vote.

Men and women gave their lives on beaches, in jungles, and in deserts so you could vote. Picture those brave souls storming Normandy before you voice your complaint about long lines.

2. Pray.

And remember, if Paul can admonish his people to pray for their leaders and the leaders he was referring to is none other than Nero, then guess what? We can pray for our leaders too!

I like how Michael Duduit, Editor of Preaching.com, puts it:
"Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be OK, because the God we worshiped last Sunday is the same God who is on His throne on Wednesday."

Keep that in mind on tomorrow--whichever side you’re on.

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