Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stinkin Sync'n

After 6 years of using a Palm Treo for all my cell phone/texting/email/google-something-at-a-dinner-party-to-find-an-answer-and-appear-uber-smart needs, I made the switch last week to the Blackberry.

Here is why...

I went into the Sprint store late Thursday night fully expecting to get a new Bluetooth earpiece. I told the CSR/Sprint Guy/17 yr old tech guru my situation. How I was sick and tired of hearing my friends mean mouth my Bluetooth headset. (Seriously, they were merciless! Mitch would call and just talk trash about my it like it had cussed his mom or something! Seriously, if I had a buck for every time Mitch would state, 'your headset stinks!" Anyway, I digress...what is new?
Anyway, I digress should have been what I called my blog! Wow! I'm actually digressing while digressing)

Here is how the conversation ensued:

Sprint kid: "Bro, you've got a connection problem!"

Joel: "yeah, I know. I need a Bluetooth earpiece."

Sprint kid: "no, you need a new phone."

Joel: (thinking he was just trying to sell me a new phone) "why?"

Sprint kid: "because Palm's are notorious for not pairing well with any headsets."

Joel: "what does 'not pairing well' with my headset really mean?"

Sprint kid: "It means the connection between the two stinks. There is a syncing problem. It creates interference and broken communication. In other words, the better it syncs, the less it stinks!"

The conversation continued. I had an upgrade so I got a new phone. Now I'm not going to lie and say that the connection between my Bluetooth headset and Blackberry is perfect. My buddy Evan did say that it is 100% better. But I am going to tell you that I learned something through the experience.

A better connection means better communication. I find myself using my Bluetooth more. I've increased my communicating (talking and listening) as a result of my improved connection.

And of course since I love parables (so did Jesus) I thought I'd draw an obvious conclusion by asking a challenging question:

How is the connection between you and Christ?

In other words, Is it synced or does it stink?

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