Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Please Pray for Kim

I'm writing this from my house as I'm working from home for the remainder of the day. I spent the morning with Kim at the neurologists office in Southlake.  I don't know if you know or not but Kim has had horrible, unrelenting headaches for the past 3 months.  Today's visit was just another step in our journey.  The neurologist believes that Kim's stuck in a chronic loop of migraine/tension headaches due to:

- a massive Vitamin D deficiency (Normal is 100. Low is 30. Kim is a 12)
- prolonged/chronic stress catching up and taking it's toll (18 months = 3 moves, Mom's getting cancer for 4th time, planting a church, significant change in salary and work related stress)
- Sleep Deprivation (not near enough and almost always interrupted)
- Severe tension in her shoulders and neck. Know a good massage therapist?

The doctor wanted to put her in the hospital today but we opted for the more economic home health care approach which includes 2 shots today, more medicine tonight and then back for more shots tomorrow.  Needless to say, Kim is out cold!  The doctor wants her to stay in bed a minimum of 3 days.  He said we must aggressively attack this problem and break the cycle.  

I just know many of you love my Kim and have been praying for her and would want to know how she is doing.  Please keep praying and pray specifically that she would be a good patient! Kim is much better at being the "care giver" than she is being the "care receiver" and so naturally, this is hard for her.  

In the middle of this season of sickness, Kim and I are well aware of how blessed we are despite how bad things might seem, especially compared with the burdens that so many others bear. We also are all the more convinced that God is good despite the bad.  

Thanks for praying for Kim! I can promise you that no matter how bad her head may hurt, as long as she has a heart beat, she is praying for us!

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