Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jeff Johnson Birthday Wish


I wanted to write you a birthday wish but I fell asleep and had the weirdest dream. I wanted to share with you the dream to see if you could interpet it for me. 

I was in Colorado gazing at the beauty of a mountain Where the River Runs swiftly down towards the valley when all of a sudden I was Shaken by a man in a bear suit. I yelled, “Reveal Yourself!” but alas, he didn’t! Then I shouted, “I know Who You Are! You are Matt Chandler!”  He laughed a loud laugh and took off the bear suit head, which made a loud clicking noise. I asked Matt, “What are you doing here?”  He said in a distinct Native American Indian accent, “Here I Am To Worship.”  I said, “by yourself?” (Thinking that I could hang with him because you know it takes like a year/week/month to get on Homeboy’s calendar!) And he said, “No. Jeff Johnson is supposed to Meet With Me.”  I asked “why here? I mean we are at 13,000 feet, Matt!”

He said, “I don’t know why So High either.  Jeff just asked me to meet him up here and he’s my boy and I love him so I came!” I was like, “Matt, I Stand In Awe of your Undying Love for Jeff.” And Matt was like, “Joel, you have no idea of how much I love Jeff. I worship the ground he walks on!”  I was like, “Matt, Bro, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to have a Heart Of Worship when the worship terminates on man and not on God? I mean, Bro, you’ve preached on this and You Have Spoken against this for years! You are acting like He Rose from the dead when he is just a mortal man Who Is Like You!”

Immediately Matt fell face down on the dirt.  You could see The Fear come over Matt’s face as if God himself had decided to Enter In the conversation.  He Rose from the ground and confessed sin and shared with me that he wanted nothing more than God Over Us.  In fact, I believe I heard him even pray, “Ruin Me on this frappin Glorious Day.” 

Just then you came walking around the trail wearing a “Jesus Is Mine English Teacher!” t-shirt!”  Matt proclaimed loudly, “Why you drawing attention to yourself Homeboy?  You can’t be bringing Glory To Your Name, Jeff! It wasn’t you that died for us on that Old Rugged Cross, was it?"  You got so mad and yelled, “Bleecker was right! I should have dropped you from my ‘A’ List Friends a long time ago! I’m Movin’ On!” 

I said to you both, “Look Men, I’m headed Home unless you guys Reign in this foolishness! I’m Amazed you guys even call yourself Christians! You both would be so much Stronger if you’d just accept that the true Beauty of the Cross is the Passion that God has for us to be one in Him and with one another!"

Then you started crying and Matt started laughing at you and John Piper came around the trail and said, "Teach Me How to Dougie."  Then I woke up and I realized that it had all been a crazy dream and that I had to get back to reviewing my sermon for tomorrow with @barachurch.  So Happy Birthday, Jeff Johnson! I hope you can tell me what my dream means someday!

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