Sunday, February 27, 2005

Idol Worship is Alive and Well

As I sit here and watch the Oscars I am reminded that we still worship idols. As the "stars" make their way down the red carpet, they are bombarded by questions about their dresses, make up, opinions, and a myriad of other meaningless topics. And here is the kicker ... I'm watching it all! In our university class this semester we are discussing, among other issues, America's infatuation with the media as well as Hollywood's influence on our society and the church in particular. I must confess, I'm struggling right now. I love movies and probably have a little too much reverence for those who star in them. If given the chance to attend the Oscars, I'm sure I'd jump at it. I just heard the following quote from the Oscars: "Since movies began, we've been under a spell." I guess you could say that I'm under that spell. The questions are as numerous as the Oscars themselves. So how do you break the spell? Where do you draw the line? What are unhealthy viewing habits? Etc... The real problem is not movies, Hollywood, or star studded actors. The real problem lies right on the "red carpet" of my heart. I find "idols" everywhere. I elevate my fellow humans to hero status whether they appear on the big screen, the work place, or the church house. Sadly, I find an "idol" that I disgustingly deem worthy of worship most mornings as I face the face in the bathroom mirror. God, break the spell. Please.

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