Thursday, March 10, 2005

Life on the 405

I'm stuck in traffic on the 405 in beautiful LA at the moment...praise God for wireless internet and smart phones. So the day started, oh about 13 hours ago and we were supposed to have been in San Diego at around 4:00pm (pst) and here we are 6:50pm and we are about 2 hours out. The 'why' is due to a car issue that is destined to be the subject os later blog (perhaps) but needless to say (if it is needless then why am I saying it?) it has been a very long (and most likely very expensive) day.

We just drove through Malibu (seeing former students who go to Pepperdine) and past Dr. Dre's home. I found myself coveting his 'crib on the coast' . But here is the deal...(and hopefully the point of this blog)...Even Dr. Dre has to deal with car trouble and horrific traffic from time to time. And that simple and obvious truth is, in a real, yet sick, way. bringing me a bit of comfort right now.

Signing off from the 405...


Sam Middlebrook said...

Nice. You should've flown, bro.

Sam Middlebrook said...

This is unrelated, but I thought you would like checking this out..

It's the updated website for the ministry I pastor.