Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crossing Guard

In a few minutes I will have to get up from "my" chair at Starbucks and make the 2 minute trek to Beck Elementary to serve as the Crossing Guard. Every Thursday morning I have the blessing to interact with those young students who brave the "mean streets" of Trophy Club, and walk to school. It is one of the highlights of my week.

I haven't made any significant relationships in my weekly 30 second interactions with the students or their parents, despite my obvious sacrifice of throwing myself in harms way of soccer moms and their menacing minivans. I don't believe anyone has come to Jesus, let alone our church, as a byproduct of my bravery. Truth be told, there hasn't been one time I've been called upon to dive in front of a Hummer or Lexus to save a life.

No, I just show up and grab my stop sign and help kids make it to their destination.

When I'm done I go to work at church.

And I try and help God's kids make it to their destination.


Paige said...

I didn't know you were a crossing guard! As a former teacher, I know that your job is dangerous and come rain or shine you must report. You will make contact and your super hero personality will make a difference with those kids and parents. My students always talked about the crossing guard and by her first name, not just crossing guard. Be safe!

Matt said...

Pictures! I demand to see pictures of you in your crossing guard uniform.

Maxwell said...

That is so cool. Wow. So what size orange vest do you wear??? have you dropped a size in the vests yet?
Hey man, I miss the ol' wednesday night guy get together...hmmm
Remember those good days trying to hook me up with that one special girl, well she turned out not to be so special due to her lack of interest in me!! HA!
Anyways, I have a new lady friend and she is absolutly amazing...I mean God has chosen this point of my life to be with her. Who knows what will happen in the future but right now it is perfect.
I think you might know her. She works with kids at Highland and has a huge smile!
Love you Man!!!!

Stephen Bailey said...

Matt, I've seen the pictures.

Joel, lose the tank top and for heaven's sake put out your cigarette!

Brian Miller said...


Scott said...

Got a hold of an exclusive photo of guessed it...Joel Quile in UNIFORM!

Joel's Picture

Lynn G said...

Joel, Jason says hi. Wish you could have come to the wedding, Jessi's a fantastic girl. In my current profession, paraprofessional, I get to shepherd students across the busy streets morning and afternoon in from of my school, so I know how dangerous it is. I salute you! I do have an orange vest, which does nothing for my girlish figure, and does nothing to deter goofballs from coming at me as I try to get back to my safe corner! Not unlike being a church secretary!