Saturday, April 22, 2006

Getting Your Grub On, Throwing Bones, and Catching Some Z's

Today was a good day! It began shortly after 7:00am with a trip out to Christ Haven for a 4 church workday. This wonderful event was spearheaded by my good buddy Kyle Conway and included men from Southlake Boulevard Church, Southlake 11/7 Church, Cross Timbers Community Church and our church. Probably the coolest thing about this event was just the fact that God used Kyle to make it happen. God is transforming Kyle and I'm so excited.

Churches come together all the time to join forces for such worthy causes. To understand what made this workday so special, you would have to know that Cross Timbers, Lake Cities, and 11/7 all were "splanted" from Southlake. I use that term "splant" very kindly. To put it another way, these churches historically haven't shared a ton of fellowship. In fact, Kyle joked that he was going to print t-shirts for the workday that read, "Splitfest '06" with the tagline saying, "My church split and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" Funny guy that Conway!

So we get out there to Christ Haven and do the whole "Hi & Howdy" thing which with guys is always a tough process. Then this cowboy fella tells us that we are going to be "grubbing" Mesquite. Grubbing Mesquite? What? Turns out that grubbing means chopping down/digging out and clearing the ground of those pesky Mesquite trees. So that was fun. And tough.

We finished "getting our grub on" before noon and then we got to "get our grub on" and do some damage to a few tons of brisket. Alan Bastyr was with me and I had to take him to Lewisville to catch a bus so I had to leave a few minutes early. All in all, it was a great day of fellowship. I believe God will use it as a beginning of a greater and needed healing between these four faith families.

I followed up a morning of hard work with an afternoon of hard work in the garage and yard. John and I were able to get a few minutes of father/son time in and we went to the club and putted for a while on the practice green. Kim's famous Nachos followed and then it was off to the church for forty two night. For those of you who are like I was a few months ago and have no clue what forty-two means, I'll bring you up to speed. Forty two is a game played with game played with dominos and is really fun. The crowd is a bit older but the atmosphere is so fun.
We "threw some bones" for a couple of hours and then it was back home for my typical early Saturday night bedtime.

So that brings us to now. 9:38pm.


You are loved.

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