Thursday, April 20, 2006

Utterly Amazed

Last night my friend, Brian Miller, quickly referenced a verse in Habakkuk in his class and this morning I felt led to read the entire book. Actually, I felt led to read the verse that Brian shared with us again and then got sucked in by the beauty of it all and read the entire book.

Here is what the New American Commentary has to say about Habakkuk:

Habakkuk stands unique among the prophetic books of the Old Testament in form and content. Formally, HabakkukÂ’s book records a dialog with God and a concluding hymn. Instead of speaking to the people for God, Habakkuk spoke to God for the people. In content, Habakkuk focused on the problem of injustice in GodÂ’s world. He saw that evil never seemed to be punished and asked what GodÂ’s response to such evil and suffering was going to be.
In his dialog with God, Habakkuk asked God directly how the wicked could go unpunished. God answered: You must wait to see the work I am about to do on the stage of world history. Next the prophet asked, How could God use an evil instrument like Babylon to punish his own poor people, who were surely more righteous than Babylon? HabakkukÂ’s message is set within a backdrop of real people facing real questions about real human suffering. The prophetÂ’s questions prompted GodÂ’s revelation. The revelation centered in words that have repeatedly transformed the world: the righteous shall live by their faithfulness to God.

Barker, K. L. (2001, c1999). Vol. 20: Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah (electronic ed.). Logos Library System; The New American Commentary (Page 245). Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers.

After reading the brief book I found myself reflecting on the injustices of my own life:

I want God to amaze me but the problem is that I'm always trying to amaze God.

I want God to stop tolerating the treacherous but then I continue in my own sin un-fazed most of the time.

I want God to give me figs, grapes, olives, food, sheep, and cattle so that I might have joy. God wants me to be joyful in Him alone.

I rely on my own strength and live in the lowlands of life. God wants me to make Him my strength so that I might live in the heights.

I know God is continually transforming me. I suppose if He told me what He was up to - I wouldn't believe it.


Amy C said...

So many times we say, "God, come to me where I am." It is time to say "God, how can I be where you are?" Thank you for those words of insite! I love that Brian Miller! What a great teacher. . .

Stephen Bailey said...

Brian lost me after the Habakkuk reference because I immediately got sucked in by the language of that seldom read book.

What's the deal with Millers'? Donald, Michael, Brian, Cheryl, all can inspire, but only Cheryl could post me up under the boards and score on me.

Steve Puckett said...


God bless your opportunity at Trophy Club. I remember my first visit to Melbourne, Florida. Honestly, I didn't like the place, but we have been here with this church for 21 years now. I saw your post on Cope's blog. He and i were classmates at Harding Grad some years ago.


Mark D said...

Awesome post!