Monday, May 01, 2006

Oh Victory In Jesus!!!

I sent the following email to my good friend (and co-laborer), Stephen Bailey this morning.

It is such a "big deal" that I felt that the entire Blogosphere should help me hold him accountable for his task at hand.

If after reading this, you feel as I do, that Stephen is God's chosen choir director (sorry BST, you're on sabbatical and therefore cannot be God's chosen), then visit his blog and drop him an email encouraging him in the fight.

Email to Stephen:

Subject: Don't Let Me Down

We better win this!

I swear on our elder's lives, if we don't win this, you my friend, might just have to go back to making twice as much money as you do now and be forced to be a light for Jesus in the workplace with the "common folk"

If you can't get pumped up about Christians battling other Christians for vocal supremacy, I don't know what will fire you up.

I'm working on a follow up show for World's Best Prayer Sayer and possibly American Preacher Idol.

Again, you hold the future of "the church" in your hand (the non pitch pipe holding hand) and if you jack it up, you'll wish that you were on the Nancy Grace show when I get through with your four part butt!

For Him, of course.


Please let Stephen know you're pulling for him!

PS: Can you believe that reality tv has come to this?

God: Were you faithful?

Us: Not really, but we were exciting!!!

God: Not really.


Amy C said...

With Stephen's ideas about the Karaoke machine, we should have a good chance!

Stephen Bailey said...

Beustring just ordered the robes.

Joel Quile said...

Bob's dream of "going pantless" is one step closer to reality!!!

Lovell's Lookout said...

Joel- tell Bailey that I have already signed him up for the act under the "Blenders", our Ft. Worth Christian Male quartet with me, Jim Reynolds and Jeff Holland. We are already entered. Sorry he can sing under the guise of your church and bring you more glory. I know you were wanting to appear on TV as the "preacher man" of the choir. Better luck next time.

Stephen Bailey said...

You know Ty, everybody is still worried...'bout that atom bomb.

Brandon Scott said...

that was unbelievable