Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Slippery Slope or Just a Dope?

I read an article today that has got me thinking pretty heavily.

Before I share the article with you allow me a disclaimer:

1. God cares equally about loving, serving, and protecting the born and the unborn.

2. Love is our only hope of having a voice when it comes to sharing the gospel.

3. Bad marriages, poor financial stewardship, and lack of Godly leadership are bigger threats to the institution of marriage than is homosexual marriage.

4. Poverty, global Aids crisis, education, racism and injustice are more important than this issue.
5. The views below do not represent those of my family or my church.

with that being said...Check it out here:

I've always argued that both the legalizing of homosexual marriages and the "acceptance" of homosexuality in general can lead to a further blurring of societal norms. I predicted that it won't be long before we are flipping through our gazillion cable channels and we surf past the pedophilia channel and the beastiality channel. People look at me like I'm nuts but if you had told someone 50 years ago about Will and Grace you would have received the exact same reaction.

I'm not necessarily equating homosexuality with pedophiliality or beastiality but in my opinion they "miss the mark" of the sexuality that God intended.

I just think we are hard wired by our Creator to be heterosexuals that live in monogamous, marital relationships.

What do you think...Slippery slope or am I a dope?


Bart Phillips said...

Be careful Joel! You are going where many church leaders fear to go...societal issues.

Day in and day out, I walk in and out of churches who are scared to death to touch issues such as gay marriage, abortion and so on. I think it's a crime that the very leaders who could make a drastic change in our culture shy away from the issues. The church is where our children should learn about these issues...not their schools or the press.

Jim Leininger, a successful businessman in San Antonio is buying out the nicest hotels in various cities and inviting Pastors and their spouses to come and hear people like Rick Perry talk about the importance of the Texas Marriage Amendment. They in turn leave and discuss it with their churches and they "moral majority" turns out to uphold the definition of marriage as "one man-one woman." Praise God for men like this.

I take issue with your points 3 and 4, as the threat of homosexual marriage will not only distort the family, but destroy the family. If we lose that, poor financial stewardship and Aids doesn't mean much.

I thank God for your guts, Joel. Keep're a pioneer. And as they say...the pioneer's get the arrows and the settler's get the land. Keep taking the arrows.

Amy C said...

That is also how Hitler was able to go unchecked so long, people just glad to be left alone. Problem is someday, it will be at your front door.

If we don't make a stand against sin in our lives and even go so far as to laugh with the world and condone the sin in others. We will be overtaken as well.

You are definitly not a dope (well on this anyway ;) )

pawatson said...


I think you are so right. While we must love everyone, the more accepting we become of sinful behavior, the more it prevails. If we don't take a stand, then who will? I get so tired of TV shows that portray adultary, going from sex partner to sex partner, marriage to marriage, homosexuality, etc. as normal and acceptable behavior. Give me "Little House" and "Cosby" any day. Thank you for being willing to express this opinion. And by the way, we still miss you at Highland.
-Patsy Watson