Thursday, November 02, 2006

And the Winner Is ...


He must. He better. If He doesn't, we are in big trouble.

Heaven forbid (and it does in scripture) that we ever believe the lie that is seductively whispered to us from our adversary, Satan: that salvation, joy and hope are found in "the Church."

Lord help us not to ever think that "the body" doesn't take its cue from "the head"

Jesus save us from preaching "the Church realized" and not "Christ crucified."

Holy Spirit remind us that Jesus saves and not our people, programs, or plans.

God teach us this truth: Churches don't have a mission. God's mission has a church.

I believe that we have sinfully shifted our focus from "of Christ" to "Church"

The sign out front of our building reads, Lake Cities Church of Christ. Other tribes of faith might not like the sign. Most in the Restoration Movement clan like the sign.

I both love and hate the sign. I love it because it reminds me that we are in fact called to be a church - our gathering is Godly and our body is blessed. But I hate it because it reminds that there is a frequent and futile and frustrating fight being fought between Christ and His Church.

Open the envelope of Philippians 2 to find the winner.

Every knee will bow ... Every tongue will confess ...

that Jesus is Lord.

Jesus wins!

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Amy C said...

Maybe if we would think of it as, "Lake Cities BODY of Christ" and come together to honor Christ (the head) and what He has called us to, there would be much less confusion.

We should be honoring Christ's plan by seeking, and serving the lost, and presenting his perfect, merciful, forgiving, plan for His redeeming glory.

But to do this we have put on His full armor as a body! We have to take in living water, we need the fire of the holy spirit to burn in our Church to redeem a selfish, selfcentered generation and turn to him for Godly instruction.

Food for thought. . .