Thursday, November 23, 2006

T Cubed! Thanksgiving Thursday Thirteen

Here is my first ever Thursday Thirteen:

13 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Wife

  1. Her beautiful and beaming smile is a contagious catalyst that brings joy to everyone (and I mean everyone) around her!
  2. She has a deep love for the poor, under-dogs, and neglected of the world.
  3. Kim is an amazing cook and uses that gift to bless others and keep me full!
  4. She is “simple” and by that I mean she can be happy in all situations. We could live in or Burundi (top 5 poorest county in the world) or Beverly Hills.
  5. Her laugh!
  6. Kim can be just crazy silly! It is not uncommon for her to chase Laura around the house or tickle Emily to death.
  7. That girl can make friends faster than anyone I know!
  8. She loves her family with an ocean deep dedication and servant hearted kindness.
  9. Kim is romantic. Actually, she is just plain sexy!
  10. Her work ethic is incredible. Ask her former coworkers at ACU or current coworkers at Starbucks…she works as if she was working for the Lord! Truth be told, she is.
  11. She married me! Oh how I’m thankful for that!!!
  12. Kim is mighty warrior in the Army of the Lord and her weapon of choice is powerful, prayer!
  13. Kim shows me Jesus everyday! She possesses an unquenchable passion for the Lord!


Amy C said...

What a man! Where is Kim's blog?

Paige said...

You should be thankful for that woman! She is incredible.