Friday, January 12, 2007

Gone. And Yes...Forgoten!

Our dear sweet friend, Carolyn Shook passed this morning from earth to heaven. She was one of Kim's closest friends throughout our time in California and they grew even closer as God moved us from Redwood City to Abilene to Trophy Club. Her death will be painful for Kim in so many real ways. For her faithful husband, Jim and beautiful children, Laurie and Dan, this will be a valley that is surrounded by more than a shadow, but by death itself. Carolyn's life on this earth was claimed by cancer but her life in eternity was claimed long before by Christ. While we knew this day was close (Jim called me on Monday and asked if I would officiate her funeral), it does not ease death's sting.

However, we are certain of the one truth that does remove the sting from death: Christ.

Jim called me a few minutes ago and shared the sweet/bitter/sweet news. The conversation began like this:

Joel: "Hello"

Jim: "It's me, Jim Shook."

Joel: "Hey brother."

Jim: "You probably already know by now (I did, Kim had just called me) but...that...

(at this point there was a brief pause as his heart searched for the right words)

that...Carolyn is in heaven."

Joel: "She's with Jesus."

We spoke of life and death. We talked of love and even some logistics. And the phone call eventually ended like this:

Joel: "I love you brother. If you need anything..."

Jim: "I know Joel. I love you too. And so did Carolyn. Well...Carolyn is in heaven."

Joel: "She's with Jesus."

I proceeded to get off the phone and bow and pray. However, it wasn't long until I got back to what I was doing before the phone call which was reading about a plane crash in Los Angeles (and other bad news - see screen shot below)

Then it hit me!

Carolyn doesn't have to deal with any of this junk anymore. Gone is the day of plane crashes, cancer and wars. Gone is the promise of pain, tumors and tears. Gone is everything that Jesus meant when he said, "in this world you will have trouble." Gone is the Goliath of grief, goodbye and the grave.

And yes - forgotten!


Amy C said...

I am sorry for your loss, but so thankful for her gain. I can't imagaine her joy today!

Keith Brenton said...

I just have an unprove-able, unshake-able faith that when God wipes away tears, they stay wiped for good.

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