Saturday, June 02, 2007


We just returned from a 30 hour whirlwind trip to Abilene. Laura took the ACT for the first time. She did well enough to be accepted to ACU, but plans to take it several more times in an effort to secure some scholarship money. We left last night around seven and arrived at the Jensen's (some dear friends from Abilene) around 10. It was great to see the Jensen's and wish it could have been longer.

After a some time at Starbucks, I ate some of the best BBQ on the planet (Harold's) with one of the coolest guys on the planet (Cope). Then it was off to the hill (what the locals call the ACU campus - but it's not much of a hill) to meet Kim, Laura, and Emily prior to test time to give Laura her calculator and pray with her. I ran into ACU legends Bob, Jan, K-Ro, and several other friends. I also got to spend time with Phil Schubert which is always a treat.

Emily ended up staying the weekend with Lenda Jensen and going to Highland's Break-Through Retreat (Lenda is a group leader) and will come home on Monday when the Jensen's take Mendy to the airport.

All and all, it was a great trip.

On a side (and sadder) note, please continue to pray for the Brown and Bailey families. For the most up to date information about those wonderful families click here.

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Betht said...

It has been awesome coming to church with y'all at Lake Cities. We are enjoying "doing life" with y'all. Beth and I were just talking this morning about how real you and your wife are. We love you guys.--Mark