Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Couch Me?

I guess by the very definition of the word "best" you should only have one best friend. I have three best friends. Three people who have brought blessing to my life by the dump truck. Kim is first and "bestest" by far. She knows me more, loves me more, and puts up with more than the other two combined. A lot of guys wouldn't count their wives as a best friend. Two thoughts on that: They're not married to Kim and I'm not a lot of guys.

The other two "best" friends of my trinity of community are Mitch Wilburn and Grant Boone. These two brothers have a permanent place in my heart and I am confident that I wouldn't have ever met Kim if it wasn't for them. I wouldn't be half the man I am today without the encouragement, equipping, and example of Mitch and Grant. I talk with them both at least 3 times a week and 99.9% of those conversations include some serious laughter. Mitch is the Preaching Minister for the Park Plaza Church of Christ. Grant is a sports writer and broadcaster for and the Golf Channel. Both are borderline nuts.

To offer even a hint of my friendship with these two (even more so with Kim) and the impact they've had on my life is the stuff of future posts. I could write a book on each. Today I just want to share a quick story about my buddy Grant. (note to non Lake Cities members: this post is basically a microcosm of how I preach - long intro to get to the point!)

Grant and his 8 year old son Nicholas flew from Abilene to DFW yesterday and arrived shortly after 10am. At 10pm (12 hours later for the chronologically challenged) I heard the words that I love to hear, "Couch Me?" which is Boone for, "Can I crash at your house?" As with last night, the "Couch Me?" usually involves travel to or from DFW airport, although we've couched the entire Boone family on their way to or from Nashville as well.

Last night I had just walked in the door from some pick up basketball when the text arrived. I was looking forward to a hot shower and a cold ice pack. But when I get the "Couch Me?" call, time stops momentarily and I become giddy with excitement! I headed out the door and down the road on the short 15 minute trip to the airport. As I pulled to curb in terminal B, I expected to see a frustrated father and sad son (they were supposed to catch an Indians game as a part of this father-son trip, but missed it due to the weather related flight delays). Instead, I was greeted by two truly joyful and Jesus filled people! Grant immediately began bragging on how incredible Nicholas' attitude had been all day (including both the three hours they sat in the plane on the tarmac and the three hours they stood in line to try and get on another flight) and I didn't have any trouble believing him. Nicholas was in great spirits and full of tales from the day's travel.

When I hear, "Couch Me?", it is always a good thing. Yesterday, it was even more special.

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