Friday, June 06, 2008

Meet Jack Reilly...and Meet Jesus!

Wow! That is all I can say! My last post was a "sports" post. This is a "life" post.

Stop what you're doing and read this! Incredible! Wow!

When you're done, come back and read the words to the song below. Only when you are done!

Father I Never Had
by Joel Engle

Verse 1
There's a little child inside this man, who still does not understand
Why momma had to die, she didn't say goodbye
Daddy left without a trace, I never even saw his face
Was I to blame, I still feel the pain of hot shattered like glass that cut my soul to pieces
I never thought I would love again, until I met you Jesus

You're the Father I never had
And Your love never changes, through the good times and the bad
You're the Father I never had
Just hold me in Your arms and heal me of the past and be the Father I never had

Verse 2
I was a teenage boy in a small town, standing outside the crowd
Unwanted and unclaimed, a face without a name, almost every night I'd cry and cry
Asking the questions why, mom and dad would leave this lonely son to grieve
The deserts of my years, they were watered with my tears,
But when I met you face to Face, You wiped away my fears.


Although I was rejected, You were my friend
Although I was abandoned, Your love drew me in.....
Oh Your love drew me in...


Double Wow!

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