Friday, August 01, 2008

Getting In The Way and Going and Doing Likewise

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the primary job of the disciple of Christ is to follow Christ. To do like wise if you will. Because I'm not wise like a rocket scientist, but I've figured out that my body does what my head tells it to. I'm no Einstein, but I've come to understand that if I claim the name of Christ, then I will walk the way of Christ. Perhaps that is why the first Christians were not known as Christians but simply as the Way?

This week, my Father continued to grow my desire to follow Jesus through two incredibly encouraging experiences. Saturday night Rick and Jamie Atchley invited Kim and I to church and dinner with them. Rick preached about "Getting in the Way" and I was strengthened in my spirit. Then this week in our Midweek Mix, Stephen Bailey helped us take a good long look at what Jesus (the head) did in hopes that we might better grasp what we (the body) must do. For a visual learner like me, the highlight of the message was when Stephen had us simply follow Jesus around in the gospels and share stories from his ministry. While we retraced his steps, Stephen made a list of the type of people Jesus loved and served.

Here are the people Jesus spent time with, served, and loved:

- Helpless
- Sick
- Hungry
- Blind
- Lost
- Unclean
- Grieving
- Unlovable
- Unfulfilled
- Lonely
- Hurting

I sat there and looked at that list and all I could hear God say was, "go and do likewise."

Are these the type of people you hang out with and pour your heart into?

Father have mercy on us to "Get in the Way" and "Go and do likewise."

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Stephen Bailey said...

Thanks Joel. I'm so often mentioned in the same breath with great teachers like Rick Atchley that it's sort of become old hat, but I guess it never really gets old J/K. I appreciate your encouragement and your attention in class, even if I couldn't see you in the dark.