Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Life That I Call We

I woke up late (6:50) and rushed from the bed to shower to car. At the office before 8 (7:50) and moved through meetings calls and emails. I picked up my bride for the thousandth time, still opening the door. We dined with Vinny, shared a dish, he gave us a bottle of wine. It is our anniversary. A celebration of dedication. A meaningful remembering of a marriage that means more than all but Christ.

Kim and I agreed - no gifts this year.
But, Kim, I lied and I've given you a small gift. (this is in addition to earlier lie and the ultra romantic gift of a half a tank of gas you got)

I've stolen a pause from the purse of the present to give you a poem I wrote for you. I'm calling it "This Life That I Call We"

This Life That I Call We

Our wedding anniversary reminds my soul
Delight and beauty you’ve graced to me,
Sweet memories--each laugh, each tear,
Sweeter than the days of me …this life that I call we

We've prayed and loved ourselves a home

The two pouring out for our three,

And it's all because of the wonderful One

Who has given us this life…this life that I call we.

Desire, devotion draw me to you:

Your embrace decants ecstasy.
I fall asleep not knowing what life next holds,
I awaken grateful to live this life…the life that I call we.

Your baby still loves you just the way that you are:
Your glance and touch still brings a thrill to me.
I love you deeply, madly, and I will forever.

I love that me and you have this life…this life that I call we.

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