Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Arachnoid Arrogance

I saw a spider this morning in my kitchen. I decided I didn't want it in my kitchen. In fact I didn't want it alive. I grabbed a napkin and crushed it between my forefinger and thumb. I destroyed it's existence in an instant.

As I was chucking the napkin and the raw remains of the spider into the trash I thought, "man, I would never want to be a spider!" I began to ponder the spider's story. Maybe he was hunting for a place to spin a web in order to catch food for his family? (I know - too much time on my hands) Was he on his way home from "work" and a few feet from his family under the refrigerator? (I shouldn't have said that - now Kim's going to have me cleaning under the fridge) Surely he didn't wake up that morning expecting to die?

{Okay, now this is weird, spooky weird. As I am writing this my cell phone just rang. It was Kim and she told me that one of my favorite professors, Dr. Trevathan, had a heart attack in church two days ago and is in critical condition}

Was that not, is that not the point of this blog?

We don't know when or how it is going to end for us. The brutal fact is that God can look down on the floor of earth and see us crawling along, spinning our webs, and in an instant end our life.

We foolishly think that we are going to get tomorrow and the truth of the matter is that we might not get 10 more minutes.

"God, thank you for the 35 years, 169 days, 9 hours, and 30 minutes you have graciously given me so far. Please be with Dr. Trevathan. Through, Jesus I come asking, Amen"

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