Thursday, March 11, 2004

Headlines Say Glass Empty - John 14 Says Glass Full

Here was the roller coaster that was my morning:

Step one- read the headlines on Here's a sample:

American Arrested as Iraqi Spy

Translators Killed in Basra Ambush

Bush to Visit New Sept. 11 Memorial

Human Remains May Be in Meat
Canadians worried killer's victims might have ended up in pork products

Salt, Butter, Toxic Chemicals?
EPA examining health hazards of microwaved popcorn

Teaming Up on Spam

Kerry: GOP Is 'Crooked'
Says his Republican critics are 'lying'; Bush aide demands apology

R. Kelly Photos Tossed OutJ

Bertuzzi Out for Breaking Neck
NHL suspends Canucks forward; player tearfully apologized last night

Kobe Ruling Appealed
DA says accuser will suffer irreparable harm if made to testify about sex history

And a host of other headlines including the Martha Stewart mess (lying), Megan's law (Rape of children), immigration problems, Terrorism, and Anti-Semitic graffiti in Denver.

"Good Morning!" After reading those headlines I just wanted to shlep back into bed and say, "Good night!"

Step Two: Read my Bible.

But then my mind hearkened back to Brad Gautney's message he spoke last night at Highland. Brad and his wife, Monica, and their two beautiful children, Hope and Emma, are missionaries in Haiti. Brad reminded us that John 14 says "Do not let your hearts be troubled."

"Do not let your hearts be troubled?"

Jesus must not have read the same headlines I read this morning.

How "disciple-like" is my thinking?

When the world is full of hurt Jesus says "let your hearts be full of hope." When every thing is falling apart around us Jesus (ever the carpenter) says "remember that I am building a place for you."

Glass Full.

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