Monday, May 24, 2004

I Got My "Phil"

Just returned from Northern California from doing a wedding in Marysville. Flew out to Sacramento on Friday compliments of my son, John and arrived at 11:40am. Without checked baggage I arrived in the "express" line at a rental car company that shall remain nameless (hint: OJ) at about 11:50. With less than a handful of people in front of me I was sure that I would be in my car with in 10 minutes. I was surely wrong! By the time I approached "Phil" (going out on a limb and guessing that was not his real name as he was from India/Pakistan and spoke perhaps 20 - 30 words of English) at 12:31pm. I politely but persuasively told "Phil" that I had just waited in line over 40 minutes and that while it was not his fault that he would have to upgrade my $19.99 a day Kia/Neon reservation to something a bit higher as a way to satisfy my frustration. "Phil" said what would you like? I respectfully replied, something better than a Kia but for not a penny more than $19.99. "Phil" then responded with the words that would turn a good trip throughout the Sierra Foothills into a great trip: "How about a Mustang convertible?" Not wanting to show my hand I said with a classic poker face, "that would be ok."

"Phil" handed the keys to a brand new 2004 white convertible Mustang (white leather seats, kickin stereo, blah, blah, blah) and off I went into the windy and wonderful highways of the mountains that meet Tahoe. It was awesome. I got to see mom, pappy, dad, Garron, Ali, & baby Kaili. California is beautiful and I had forgotten how much I loved that state. The wedding went great and the driving was pretty good too.

Thanks "Phil". You turned a Kia of a weekend into a Mustang of a trip.

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Anonymous said...

Go to work for an insurance company, and those rental car places will suck up to you every time....