Thursday, May 27, 2004

My Name is Joel Quile ... and I'm a Bloggaholic

This just in...I spend way too much time reading other people's blogs. I don't know why it is so fascinating to me either. I mean - is their life that much more exciting than mine? OK, so maybe it is. But here is the bottom line - I find myself not blogging because of lack of time but yet I always find time to read the blogs of others. What's the deal with that? (insert your own Jerry Seinfeld accent here) Perhaps, I dunno, if I actually spent less time reading the blogs of others I would have a few extra minutes to actually write my own blog. And now with the ability to comment on the blogs of others...goodnight...that is like "crack" to the blogging junkie. Serious, I used to check Cope's blog once every few days - now I check it after lunch. I know, I'm sick. I don't even care what Cope writes anymore (I don't think he does either) but it's the comments that lure you in. Can I get a witness? Some of my friends post prayer requests on their blogs. Prayer requests for others and the tragedies that they are going through. I am asking for prayers also. But not for others, no. Pray for me. I'm a bloggaholic. I'm a blatant blunk. A blino. Pray that I don't lose my job, develop carpal tunnel, or suffer vision loss. Pray that ...

I've got to run real quick - my computer just told me that this Eskimo guy in Anchorage just posted about ice fishing. I don't know this guy - but boy - what a life! I can't wait to read his blog.


Brandon Scott said...

I am so glad to see you haven't changed in the most important kind of ways. I LOVE JOEL QUILE!

Luke said...


i am so proud of you... one of my mentors a blogaholic.
cannot wait to plant a church with you


ronnie "washington" carroll said...

Joel,it's being a long time.And you might not remember exactly who I am,so let me refresh your memory.Me and my brother Jeff,used to be in the youth group,at Tomball Church Of Christ.We were the only black kids in the youth group.We stayed over in Huffsmith,with our grandmother.We also stayed with you,when you were staying in the brick house! Right across from the washerteria,not to far from the police station.You remember Tyron,he was the one who actually,brought us to Tomball Church Of Christ.This might help also,can you remember the time we went to astroworld,and sam put the church van in reverse and almost hit another car, or what about the time we went to"ACU"and seen that group accupella.So any way I had seen"Andy Chastein".And I ask him have he heard from you,and he told me that he email you,told me how to go and search for you.He also told me that your were back at"ACU".So hows the family.Tell"Kim"I said hello.As for me,I also got married in"April".Me,and my wife had our one year anniversare.Every thing is"a"okay.I want to say thanks for always being their,when we needed it the most.What can I say,you was like a father to us.You took us in,as though we were one of your own.And thanks you I am,the man "God want me to be.Not only did you show,me and my brother what life really means.But what it takes to live a life.Thank You.I don't have an email at this time.But what I can do is check your email just to see if you got this meaasge. Ronnie Washington.

Q said...

You are also stinkin' hilarious. Plus (re: a later entry) you say "frappin'." I thought I and my brother were the only ones. Yes, I'm that naive.

I hope you'll be able to pull yourself away from the Chronicles of an Ice Fishing Inuit long enough to write more often. I enjoy reading (both here and in Mike's comments).

Lovell's Lookout said...

I will admit that it is this BLOG that urged, no converted me to become a BLOGGER-- thanks Quile'
Peace- Lovell