Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Wise Guys

I just returned from a meeting with my board. I call them a mock board because it doesn't seem right that a guy like me should have a board. In my mind, important people function under a board. Grant calls it a mock board because he says that they just sit around and mock me. There is a tad truth to that theory. My board consists of Bob Strader (Coach), Grant Boone (Boonedog), Phil Schubert (Schubs), and Kent Smith (Kent Smith). We meet about once or twice a month for the sole purpose of keeping me focused on my purpose here in Abilene - to prepare to plant a church. The bible says that plans fail for lack of wise counsel. I've had many plans succeed as well as many that have failed. I have no doubt that our vision for church planting will be a success and these four Godly men are a chief cause for my confidence. I've been called a lot of things in my life - "wise guy" being one of the more common characterizations. I may not be the wisest guy around but setting myself and my dreams under the collective wisdom of this board is nothing to be mocked. In fact, its down right smart.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, well...that sounds all fine and dandy for the physical future...but what about the spiritual future?