Saturday, June 05, 2004

Friends Like "Fella"

Today I will be blogging a response to an e-mail comment that I received from Ronnie Washington. Ronnie doesn't have e-mail so this is the only way he will know that I received it.


It is great to hear from you! I've always kept a framed letter that you, Jeff, and Sam wrote to me on my desk. I think of you often and it is always with a smile. We had so many good times didn't we? I could never forget you! Who else do I know that named himself "Fella" and who else do I know would wear my white t-shirts even though they were frappin 18 sizes to big for you? Dude, every time I drive by a Captain D's I think of that dumb game we used to play where you and Jeff would slug the crap out of me.

So what's up? Tell me about your marriage. How is Jeff? What is he up to? What about Sam? How is your grandma? Ya'll still in Huffsmith?

So, Ronnie, I know you don't have e-mail and this is the only way that you're going to know I received your e-mail - Well I did. And I praise God that you found me. Of course, the only thing I really ever wanted for you and Jeff and Sam was to find Jesus. I know you started that journey when I baptized you all but I don't know if you're still on the road with Him.

I am ... it is an amazing life!

For my Joy & King,

- Joel

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Joel,it's being a long time.And you might not remember exactly who I am,so let me refresh your memory.Me and my brother Jeff,used to be in the youth group,at Tomball Church Of Christ.We were the only black kids in the youth group.We stayed over in Huffsmith,with our grandmother.We also stayed with you,when you were staying in the brick house! Right across from the washerteria,not to far from the police station.You remember Tyron,he was the one who actually,brought us to Tomball Church Of Christ.This might help also,can you remember the time we went to astroworld,and sam put the church van in reverse and almost hit another car, or what about the time we went to"ACU"and seen that group accupella.So any way I had seen"Andy Chastein".And I ask him have he heard from you,and he told me that he email you,told me how to go and search for you.He also told me that your were back at"ACU".So hows the family.Tell"Kim"I said hello.As for me,I also got married in"April".Me,and my wife had our one year anniversare.Every thing is"a"okay.I want to say thanks for always being their,when we needed it the most.What can I say,you was like a father to us.You took us in,as though we were one of your own.And thanks you I am,the man "God want me to be.Not only did you show,me and my brother what life really means.But what it takes to live a life.Thank You.I don't have an email at this time.But what I can do is check your email just to see if you got this meaasge. Ronnie Washington.

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ronnie "washington" carroll said...

The last time I wrote you was on June 03,2004. It's being over a month,since the last time I wrote. So let me fill you in. Before I get started I just wanted to say that it's being a pleasure to have someone like you as a friend. And who ever now you personally feels the same way, because it's friends like you I never could forget. I just want to say thank you, for ever thing you did from youth group,camp,astroworld,for taking me and my brother in and showing us a different way of life,and helping us become apart of the church community. I can truly say, it's being a blessing to have someone like you,that I can look up too.
Well I got married on April 15,2003. To (LaDawn) some one thats been apart of my life since 1998. At frist it was a off and on thing. But as I got to know her, I knew someday she will become apart of my life forever. We have a lovely apartment in the greenspoint area where we share it three wonderful kids. My wife is an (CNA), And as for as me I'm trying to start my own business in computer technology. I can say at this point everything look promising.
Jeff is working doing good staying out of trouble, he still stays in hufsmith. We don't talk much since I moved away from home. Every chance I get I go home and visited. My grandmother is getting old still working hard as ever. Trying to keep a foundation over her grandkids head just in case something happens. I ask her all the time why don't you retire. And let your grandkids and kids finish where you left off at. The only reply I get from her is that when she do depart from us she want to make sure she left every thing to where she can rest. You get my drift. Sam consider him self a thug still stay in hufsmith got six kids. But at this time he reside in the harris county jail. The last I heard he is awaiting trial. But I also heard that he signed for 10 months state jail time.I really can't say whats going on at this time. I heard to many storys on whats going on. I'm really not into the gossip. And besides me and sam we don't talk for the simple fact I disagree with some of the things he do. And espically the way he act. Don't get me wrong I love my cousin. I refuse to be apart of his life, because of his ways. He still expects me to the the life he living. I hear people say that I shouldn't have gotton married. I used to tell people I didn't do it for you, I did it for me and the one my heart belongs too. But other than that I have been bless. I give all thanks to you and my personal savior Jesus Christ. Joel may the lord continue to bless you and never let any tell you otherwise.
Always, Ronnie. (Fella)

ronnie "washington" carroll said...

You can e-mail at ( Let me know if you received my message.