Saturday, June 05, 2004

Da Da Dunt - Da Da Dunt!

I woke up early this morning and made my way into the Stevens den to check out Sports Center. However, I was lead to read from the passage I will be sharing tomorrow morning (Matthew 14) and was convicted of what a day Jesus had just been through when he walked on the water. Check this - he had just come from his hometown where he couldn't do any (Mark's translation) miracles except (get this) heal a few sick people. Then he gets word that the man who announced him and baptized him lost his life by brutal beheading. He gets away to ponder the news and the crowds follow him there. He spends the entire day preaching, not in an air conditioned auditorium, but in the desert. He has to prepare dinner for a small intimate gathering of roughly 15,000. The crowds repay him by wanting to force him to be a king he can't (and shouldn't) be. He spends the evening praying (does the guy ever sleep) and then gets in his exercise for the day by walking 5 miles on a storm tossed sea at (this is crazy!) 3:00am.
Talk about an amazing athlete...If that doesn't make Sports Center I don't what would.

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