Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Voice of An Angel

Last night I received my real father's day present. After church I asked my daughter Laura if she was interested in going up to ACU's Kadesh Camp (a leadership camp for 10 -12 grades) to the evening devotional. She said yes and off we went like little praise junkies to get our second "fix" of the night. We arrived at the devotional and made our way to the top (where guests have to sit) and overlooked a group of 400+ students singing their hearts out to God. The volume and the harmony of the crowd was great. Seeing the expression on the faces of the other worshippers was just plain cool. Watching as hands were lifted and heads were bowed was touching. But there was one voice that rang out above the others. There was one worshipper that completely captivated my attention more than that of all the others. As we began to sing "All Praises Be" I heard the voice of an angel cover over me. My entire body got chills and despite the temperature of that hot summer evening, I had to wrap my arms around myself just to get warm. This voice surrounded me and filled me and penetrated my soul.

As I glanced over my shoulder I saw the tender face of this worshipper lost in wonder as she beautifully sang praises to her Savior. She stood only one step above me yet it looked as if she was in heaven against the black of the star-filled sky. Each note contained passion and each word emotion. I was as awestruck with the purity and holiness of the moment as this girl was with the purity and holiness of the God she was praising. As I turned my focus back to the crowd, I realized that, although this encounter with that angel only lasted a moment, it was a memory that I will cherish for a lifetime. For you see, that angel who was the worshipper who sang "All Praises Be" more beautifully than I had ever heard it was my very own daughter Laura.

Thank you Laura for loving Jesus so much. It is the best gift a dad could ever receive.


All praises be
To the Lord and King
And the Lord our God
He is wonderful

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
He is wonderful

Salvation and glory
Honor and power
He is wonderful

For the Lord our God is mighty
The Lord our God is omnipotent
Our God is wonderful

Yes friends, our God is wonderful!

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Matt said...

...and what beautiful angels you've been given, Joel!

I still remember this time last Summer: in Garland at a Newsboys appearance. The band was singing "Amazing Love" and I turned over to see my own eldest girl, eyes closed, singing the lyrics like Jesus was standing right in front of her.

Amazing Love!
How can it be;
That you my King should die for me?

What a moment.

For me, one of the hardest parts about parenting older ones (as you probably know much better than I) began when I realized that they are going to have to face all of the same struggles, temptations and problems that I did when I was growing up. I can't protect them from all of that crud (some of it, MAYBE, but often - to my surprise - less than I think).

Those moments, when I see faith shining through, are literally Godsends.

And right now I'm grinning ear to ear for you.