Friday, September 24, 2004

"Feed My Sheep"

Found this on the web tonight. Incredible! Check this out. Saddleback church in CA is doing what most churches only talk about - making a difference in their community. The following is a letter that Saddleback's pastor, Rick Warren sent to thousands of the church's neighbors:

What is “40 Days of Community”?

You may have seen 40 Days of Community signs popping up in our neighborhood and wondered what it’s all about. It is an effort to build the sense of community in our area, sponsored by Saddleback Community Church. Beginning Oct 2, nearly 3,000 neighborhood groups will be meeting in homes once a week for six weeks - all around south Orange County. The focus will be on deepening relationships and building community spirit. Together these groups will also share in a historic community project: feeding all 34,000 of Orange County’s homeless - three meals a day for 40 days. This has never been attempted before. Regardless of your church affiliation, you are invited to share in 40 Days of Community. Just ask someone with a sign for details or visit!

For more details on this amazing display of compassion and a church truly being light on a hill go to

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Holly said...

This is too weird... just last night, my husband and I were checking out the Saddleback Web sites and read that same letter while looking at their 40 Days of Community stuff.
We start 40 Days of Community in two weeks, and we, too, are so grateful for Rick Warren and his team as they so diligently share with the rest of us as God blesses their amazing church family.
Thanks for posting that letter... I think their determination is phenomenal! And what a difference they will make as they set about "feeding the sheep." Wow! We all need to cover their efforts in prayer and look for ways to do the same in our own ways, in our own little corners of the world!
P.S. I used to be Holly Snead... Students' Association about 13 or 14 years ago?!? Long time, no see... good to find you out here in Blogworld.