Thursday, September 02, 2004


Just ran across a copy of Max Lucado's prayer at the Republican Convention from this past Monday. Check it out:

"Oh Lord, God of our fathers, You direct the affairs of all nations. You made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth. We echo the declaration of Job: "God makes nations great, and destroys them; He enlarges nations, and guides them." Please guide us.

You are the supreme strength of the universe. We trace every decision and blessing back to your hand. Thank you for this nation. And have mercy upon her. Please unite our citizens. Nurture the poor, abused, and abandoned our children; keep our homeland free from harm. Remind us, oh Lord, that you do not exist to bless America. We exist to bless you. Remind us of your unquenchable, unconditional love. Affirm us when we seek your will, forgive and correct us, when we don't. Speak to us about the brevity of this life and the beauty of the next. And, most of all, prepare our souls for the moment we meet You face to face. We lay this election before you. And, in the end, your will be done. By the source of mercy we pray. To you be the glory forever and ever. Amen."

Now before any one drops "conservative" or "liberal" or any other stereotypical smack, do me a favor. Just read the prayer again. Read it close and slow. I thought it was both beautiful and brilliant. Your thoughts? (not on the election, politics, Max, churches of Christ, women's role, apartheid, the cutting of the rain forest in the Amazon Basin ... - just the prayer) What do you think about the prayer.


DJG said...

I think it is beautiful

jds said...

Two thoughts:

As Max prayed, I also want to nurture the poor and abused in our land and all over the world. We have been UNBELIEVABLY

jds said...

Well, must have hit a wrong key - premature posting.

We as a nation and myself personally have been unbelievably blessed by God, and with that comes a responsibility to share that blessing with the poor, naked, and hungry. God help us to be good stewards.

Second, I find it interesting that Jesus was not mentioned, except by codeword (the source of mercy). I remember hearing some years ago that hardly anyone takes offense at the mention of God, but many more people will be offended at the name of Jesus; I agree with that observation. Now, I am not condemning Max's wording, I simply find it interesting. There is a time to offend and a time to not offend.

It was certainly a lovely prayer.


Matt said...

True. He did not use the "J" word. But he did have the courage to say this:

"Remind us, oh Lord, that you do not exist to bless America. We exist to bless you."

That one probably made a lot of people squirm.