Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Read 'Em and Weep, Laugh, Think, Grow, etc...

I read 5 blogs quasi-religiously:

Mike Cope (daily)
Grant Boone (3-4 times a week)
Kim Quile (1-2 times a week - this is only because she doesn't post as much as Mike or Grant - something about getting 1,000 phone calls a day at work? ... slacker)
Brandon Scott Thomas (weekly)
Sam Middlebrook (weekly)

I read others semi-regularly including, Val Durington, Corey Patterson, Ty Lovell, Matt Ritchie and a few others.

So who do you read? Hey, while I'm at it ... who is reading me? (of course that begs the question - why?)

Speaking of reading ... I have like 180,756,276 pages to read for school ... peace!


B-Rock said...

Well, we run in similar circles...

Mike Cope (2-3 times per Day - have to read comments)
Grant Boone (Daily)
BST (2-3 times per month)
Corey Patterson (uh...nothing new to read...ever)
Wade Hodges (Once a week)
Michael Mercer ( - Once a day)
Sean Palmer ( - once a week)
Travis Stanley ( - once a day)
Greg Kendall-Ball ( - once a day)

That's a pretty good list...enough to keep me busy wasting precious time reading them too much...

Matt said...

Cool! I'm on your "semi-regular" list! You may (or may not be) glad to know that you're on mine, too. Love Mike's and Grant's blogs, too.

Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Joel, I am hurt. I thought we were semi-friends.

If youy ever read MY blog, you'd see a list over on the right hand side, of which blogs I read.

Perhaps I should take your name off of that list...

Just teasing...I read pretty much everybody's blog..."blog surfing" is one thing I do to pass the time at work. Just keep hitting that Next Blog button, and're going on a very weird, very cool journey. Just watch out for all the pr0n blogs!!!