Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My Head Hurts

My head hurts. Why you ask?

Headache? No.
Blunt blow to the skull? Nope.
De-hydration? Nah.

Sitting in a church planter's conference from 9:00 - 5:00 that was light on breaks and heavy on content? Yes.

Yesterday was amazing! My head is a Thanksgiving turkey crammed with the stuffing of information and quotes and ideas.

Here is a taste:

* There is more than one way to grow a church.
* It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.
* If a principle is biblical, it will work anywhere.
* Never confuse the method with the message. The message must never change, but the methods must continually change.
* It's not about church growth. It is about church health.
* We need to have the attitude of "We are a family expected guests"
* Churches can be driven by tradition, personalities, finances, buildings, programs, events, the un-churched, and many other bad forces.
* We must continually communicate the vision. The MVP of the World Series will go to spring training next year.
* It is all about balance.
* Goals help faith turn into facts.
* Pastors must help the church catch the vision. We must practice "creative redundancy"
* The major difference between church planting and church launching is that you plant small but you launch large.
* Priorities of a Purpose-Driven Church should be: #1: Purposes #2: People #3: Program #4: Property. Most churches focus too much on property.
* Jesus had a clear evangelistic target: Matt 15:24
* Paul had a clear evangelistic target: Gal 2:7
* Jesus gave the disciples a clear evangelistic target: Matt 10:5-6
* Most unchurched are not athesists. They are just turned off and too busy.
* The longer you have been a believer the less you think like one.
* We can be committed to building a church without building a building.
* More people are won to Christ because of feeling God's presence rather than understanding the right theology.

A few great quotes:
* The secret of concentration is elimination.
* God loves you and everyone has a plan for your life
* Without vision the people find another parish.
* Is what is hanging on the wall - happening down the hall? (Mission Statements)
* It is easier to turn a crowd into a core than turn a core into a crowd.
* Jesus sent us out to be wise and harmless. The church has nailed down the second one.
* Money spent on evangelism is never an expense - it is always an investment.
* Churches never really have money problems - they usually have idea problems.
* God's work done God's way will not lack God's support. - Hudson Taylor.
* The tension between "service" and "serve-us" exists in every church.
* If we send mixed signals we will get mixed results.
* Depth is action - doing the word not in knowing it. Don't judge a church my how deep the preaching is but rather how the members live.
* Internal announcements often become eternal announcements.
* If you want to take the temperature of your church - put the thermometer in your own mouth. (Pastors)
* We need to make our churches safe places to hear a dangerous message.
* Growing churches love and loving churches grow.
* The second half of a man's life is determined by the habits he acquired during the first half. - Dostoyevski

There was so much more. So much. Thanks for letting me down load some of this. My head feels better already.


B-Rock said...

Great statements. They have helped my reflection today. Thanks for posting them.

I need a little help with one of them though. What's this mean:

Internal announcements often become eternal announcements...


Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Good stuff, Class Dropper Outer....
Anyway, not to nitpick, but perhaps you should invest in some lunch with Dr. Love and ask him his views on the statement that "The Message never changes, but methods change."

I have it in my notes somewhere, but basically he says the method always stays the same, and it IS the message that changes (not THE Message, but rather the message as it is presented to people). Some very good stuff, and might be helpful to think about.

Besides, I'd never want to discourage another church-planter...we have to stick together!!!

Brandon Scott said...

great post here, bro. Would love to hear more some time. Peace to you-

Matt said...

Great. Now my head hurts, too.

One thing that stuck out for me in Willard's Renovation of the Heart was his observation that we don't "evangelize" people, we make disciples. He also observed that the best place to start is with who is already there, rather than doing "outreach" with people that still don't have the disciple thing down.

Sounds like some of the presenters at your conference had similar ideas...