Sunday, April 17, 2005


I'm teaching the college class this morning at Highland. We are in the middle of a great series called ENGAGE. Today's topic of discussion is Reality TV and Our Vicarious tendencies or something along those lines. Bottomline is: Reality TV is big in our society and it is a good thing for Christ followers to spend some time reflecting on what we are watching and why we are watching it.

I asked Matt Maxwell to help me put together a short introductory video for the class today. You can take a look at what we came up with on Matt's site by clicking here. I say "we" ... Although I came up with the concept, graphics, and movie clips, the real art is putting it all together. Matt is amazing and his talents should be the subject of another post altogether.

I pray the same prayer during the hours and minutes before I speak. I recite, "Father, speak through me so that they might hear you." over and over. It is a mysterious and wonderful mix of blessing and curse (yes, curse) to get to speak for the Lord. If it isn't Spirit lead - it is dead. If it doesn't flow from the overflow of your heart - it is fake. Mike Cope posted a great piece about "The Art of Preaching" yesterday that is well worth your read. Check it out here.


The men of Gamma Sigma Phi are almost finished with their 60hr softball marathon! I've had so much fun watching my boy, Matt Saller contribute to this wonderful cause (see my post below from Friday, April 15th) here. A couple of quick thoughts on the game:

Early Saturday morning (about 2:30am I'm told) the men of Galaxy showed up to the game. Of course as the person relating this story to me was telling me that Galaxy showed up my mind immediately goes to what I would've done in college - chuck water balloons! ... anyway, that didn't happen. Galaxy shows up and presents GSP with a check for $3,200! Can you believe that? Now that is class in my book. There is a healthy (and often, unhealthy) dose of competition between the clubs on campus and for the Moonies to make that move made me proud.

And finally, yesterday I helped (or hindered?) the cause of Insanity for Humanity by agreeing to work the Dunking Booth for a half an hour. By working I mean sitting on the edge of a plank and heckling small children and periodically take a quick plunge into cold and dirty water! It was great fun (for the kids) and I only got dunked three times.


Jesus calls us to be doers of the Word. Don't live a life of vicarious participation in the mission of God. Go engage. Don't almost engage. Do it! Do it for the Lord.

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