Friday, April 15, 2005

Insanity for Humanity

Back in the dark ages when I attended college at ACU I was a member of the the men's social club, Galaxy. For those of you not familiar with social clubs ... think fraternity ... kind of. To put it simply, social clubs are non national and non hazing. We'll at least now they are non hazing. That wasn't necessarily true when I was in club - but that is a story for a later post. Anyway, I had a positive experience in club during my time at school. It wasn't the most important thing in my life but I didn't hate it either. Galaxy was "the club" to be in when I was in school. We'll let me preface that by saying it was the club to be in if you cared about things like winning, leading, and serving ... which I did. During my four years of college (actually 18 but that too is for another post!) we (Galaxy) never lost an intramural championship or Sing Song competition. The student body president was always a Moonie (a Moonie is what you called a member of Galaxy. Unless they were a pledge then they were called a Nova. Actually a STUPID Nova!) and most all other leadership positions on campus were held by Moonies. We were heavily involved with all types of service on campus and in the local church. Bottomline is: we did a lot of great things for which I am still today very grateful.

But let me tell you about one thing we never did and I sure wish we would have!

Last night Kim and I went out to the intramural fields to watch the start of a 60 hour softball game called Insanity for Humanity. Yes, that's right - 60 hours! ACU sophomore, Matt Saller, is in my small group on Wednesday nights and is a member of Gamma Sigma Phi (GSP). GSP is another social club on campus at ACU and was rechartered my sophomore year by some of my closest friends. Matt, along with 39 of his club brothers are playing in a softball game that began last night (Thursday, April 14th) at 10:00pm and will continue on until Sunday morning (April 17th) at 10:am. The purpose of the marathon game is to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. They (GSP) are trying to raise $68,000 and build three houses for those in need of housing. If you are not familiar with Habitat check out their website. It is a great cause.

Not only are they raising money for a great cause - they are breaking a WORLD RECORD! And not only are they raising money for a great cause and breaking a world record, they are having a blast doing it! Kim and I watched for about 1/2 hour last night and they were having so much fun. Kim and I were having fun just watching them. I went by this morning after dropping off the girls (Score: Humanity 132 and Insanity 130 in the bottom of the 60th) and they were still having a blast! And not only are they raising money for a great cause and breaking a world record and having a blast, but they are making a memory that will last a life time. I am so glad that Matt is getting to experience this and truth be told, I wish I could too!

Please take a minute to check out their website and if they Lord leads you - send them a donation. These guys are great guys and are really serious about helping others. In years past they have rode their bikes to Pepperdine (Abilene, TX to Malibu, CA) and jogged to Harding (Abilene, TX to Searcy, AR) in an effort to serve their community. Any money sent to them will be given directly to Habitat for Humanity. If you live in Abilene, come out to the intramural fields (Campus Court) and encourage them. Bring them something to drink or eat (They aren't allowed to leave the field at all) or just tell them thanks! The club members who are not playing are conducting a carnival (I'm in the dunking booth Saturday at 3:00pm!) so if you have kids - bring 'em on!

Our motto in Galaxy was and still is: "God first. Others second. Self Last."

It appears that Galaxy isn't the only club who believes that.

Hats of the men of GSP! I'm proud of you!

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