Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pride's Crossing

Last night Kim and I went to the Spring Dinner Theater at ACU. Nothing newsworthy about that, really. Fridays are our date night. We do have season tickets to the theater.

But last night was different.

Oh sure the meal was delicious ... We met some great people at our table (Ray & Trish - who go to Highland) ... Kim looked fabulous! ... We held hands and looked at each other with "puppy love" eyes ... I almost fell asleep during one of the slower scenes ...

But it was different.

Most plays I find myself either laughing, or crying, or critiquing, or wondering how they made some technical component work, etc. But not Pride's Crossing. I found myself reflecting and associating and truly engaging. Well not me personally. I saw Kim on stage. The main character of Pride's Crossing is Mabel. Mabel swam across the English Channel. The focus of the play is Mabel reflecting on her life. It is set in the late nineties but half of the play is Mabel remembering critical points in her life. The component of time and the concept of memory are powerful in this play. But let me explain how I connected Kim with the character of Mabel. Mabel had a tough life. Not the best childhood and some tough times in other relationships. She had every right to be bitter and yet she remained positive! She smiled and sang and swam against all the cruel current life channeled her way. She loved parties, people and positivity.

There were some elements of her story that Kim does not share and so don't read too much into these thoughts. However, the amazing ability to overcome the challenges that life presented is something that totally reminded me of my wife.

It was a great night last night. I watched a talented college girl powerfully play the part of a courageous and conquering character all while holding the hand of the most remarkable woman, whom for me ... stole the show!

Keep swimming Kim! You are my hero!

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