Thursday, June 09, 2005

Prayer Request

Please pray for a friend of our family from our days in Redwood City, Marissa Douglas. Marissa was in a serious motorcycle accident and is unconscious but stable in ICU at Stanford Hospital. Her parents are asking for prayers and specifically called me to ask me to get the word out. Please forward this plea to as many as possible.

I suggest that you pray three things:

1. That Marissa would be completely healed physically.
2. That this accident would serve as her "carob pod" experience and she would come to her senses and head back to her Father.
3. That God would get the glory for both healings!

Thanks friends.


Kevin said...

praying for Marissa...

can you e-mail me the family address (e-mail or physical)... thanks

Brandon Scott said...

Lord, all thing are in your hand. We ask that you would heal Marissa and bring glory to your name as she tells your story.