Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Have a Blessed Day!

Yesterday was Kim's last day at work as the Senior Switchboard Operator for ACU. For the past 21 months, Kim has been the most amazing example of Paul's admonition to the church in Collosse, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lor, not for men."

Throughout her time at ACU, Kim has received plenty of praise for a job well done including these kind words from Mike Cope:

"I'm going to do you a favor here. Need a lift? Think of someone you need to speak to at ACU, but don't dial them direct. Instead call 674-2000. You'll likely get Kim Quile who says in the kindest voice you'll hear all day, "I hope you have a blessed day."It's amazing that one kind voice saying something so simple as "have a blessed day" can make life more enjoyable. But it's true.(Now -- only do this once -- so I don't add to her workload!)" - Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The past couple of days people have emailed their appreciation, stopped by her office to say thanks, and even called her and said something like this, "I don't need a number Kim. I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to the university and to hear you say, 'Have a blessed day' one last time."

And yesterday a co-worker, Chris Campbell, (from a completely different department) wrote these amazing words:

"A Sad Farewell
Today, Abilene Christian University says "good-bye" to its most prized employee. No, I'm not talking about President Royce Money. I'm not talking about our VP of Development, John Tyson, or any other member of the President's cabinet.I'm not talking about any member of the faculty...though each of them are extremely valuable in their own right. I'm not talking about anyone from Campus Life or the other organizations that so ably guide and mentor the young people on this campus.I'm talking about our campus operator...Kim Quile.Those of you who don't work at ACU might think this is a failed attempt at satire on my part. But for those of us who work at ACU, it's quite easy to defend this claim. After all, Kim, to many folks, is the voice of ACU.Before I came to ACU I worked for seven years at EDS in Plano. The majority of my customers were small credit unions in the Midwest -- simple and friendly. So I shuddered every time they would call in through the EDS toll-free they were always greeted by the familiar hurried, impolite, brash, I-just-got-off-my-8th-15 minute-smoke-break voice of the EDS operator. What a way to start a phone call!I don't have any statistics to support how many phone calls Kim Quile fields in a day...but I would dare say it's well into the hundreds. And each of those folks are greeted with the same cheery, Spirit-filled, joyful voice of Kim Quile.It's quite likely that each person Kim Quile spoke to was not happy. But I am confident that by the time Kim had rerouted their call they couldn't help but be in a better she always signs offs with familiar, "...and I hope you have a blessed day."I don't think we'll have to work in Heaven (PRAISE GOD!!!)...but if we do, I hope the Lord employs Kim Quile as Heaven's official receptionist." Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When we first arrived back in Abilene, Kim was known to many on the ACU campus as, "Joel's wife." It wasn't long after she started working for ACU that I became known as, "Kim's husband." Words cannot express how proud I am to be Kim's husband!

Thank you babe for setting an example for all of us!

One of the blessings of my new job is that Kim will not have to work outside the home. Today she will take both girls to school (Emily's starts at 7:50 and Laura's at 9:00) and then head up here to the church for her first Wee School (Pre-School) meeting.

I know that whatever she does, she will work with all her heart to bring a blessing to others!

Have a blessed day babe!


Anonymous said...

Answering the phone is a simple but most important job. I am glad to hear that she did her job so well. It must take talent to do that since it is hard to find people who will and can do this type of good work!

I am having a hard time with our church answering system. It is a recording that says what extension you can reach each person at. That's it. No human voice, no contact with a human. If the person is not in that you want, you have to leave a voice mail or call back for another extension. It is horrible. I have complained, but as yet no response. "They" say there are just too many calls to have a person answer each one. What else do they do all day, more important than greeting potential Christians?

So, Kim you want a job answering the phone again? will enjoy your time being a full-time mom. God bless your family.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite past times was trying to call Kim and say "Have a blessed day" before Kim could spit those words out. I wouldn't win often, but it was still enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful expression of honoring your spouse! I have never met you or had the pleasure of hearing your wife tell me to have a blessed day on the phone, but in the times I have peaked at each of your blogs (from links on others sites) I have always come away a better person for it.
As someone who grew up in a "Christian home" I never saw this kind of joyful expression between my parents or directed at any of their children. I can not tell you how much I have been blessed by your obvious love and commitment to God and to living loved and showing it to those closest to you as you all seek to share the love of Christ with the world.
You are impacting others in ways you probably don't even realize. Thank you from someone who is learning, as an adult, that there ARE real christians in the world and not to settle for less than God's best, in marriage and in life.

Lauren said...

I don't know what I'll do without your precious wife as the voice of ACU! Kim is one of the most anointed women of God that I've ever had the honor of knowing. I know that you both will make a dynamic and Spirit-filled team at Lake Cities! Love and blessings as you go.

Lauren Cunningham

lhall said...

you guys know how much i wish i could be there badly...i would be there in a heartbeat if i could be! love you are such a blessing to me.