Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Stretched. The Lord Drove.

"Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on the left."

Those of you who read my previous post know that something happened to me and my family last week that was cause for great joy. I have accepted an invitation to serve the Lake Cities Church of Christ as Senior Minister.

Due to the fact that I actually began work yesterday (yes, that is right, Monday, Aug 15th) and am in the middle of a tornado of transition I will not have time to share the story of the past weeks and months. To call it crazy is an understatement. It would be kinda like the Israelites watching God release them from Pharaoh’s captivity, send a bunch of bizarre plagues, lead them with fire and cloud and then at the last minute part the sea and then trying to describe that journey in a blog (while walking across the sea at that!).

God has blessed our family with the desires of our heart. The family of believers at Lake Cities is a perfect fit for our family. I am so blessed! It is always an honor and privilege to tell the Story and share the Good News in any church in any city. However, I feel a deeper level of amazement in my situation. I literally feel like the Israelites must have felt as they walked down that dry path that was normally occupied by the sea itself while looking up to their left and right at walls of water!

I really hope to share more soon. I am also dedicated to starting my ministry here right so that means less talk and more rock! If you would be so gracious as to keep lifting up our family in your prayers. You can pray specifically for our girls (they started school last Thursday) and for our home situation (we need our house to sell in Abilene before we can buy in Trophy Club) and for all the other details that go with transition.

I love you all. Even the "comedians" who felt compelled by God to act the fool on my previous blog. God is good! Stretch out and let Him drive!


Greg Kendall-Ball said...

So NOW can you answer my question?

Do they have Buffalo Wild Wings in Trophy Club???

Lauren said...


Congratulations! Dosen't it feel great when you know with all certainty that you have followed the will of God?! Lake Cities has no idea how incedibly they have been blessed to have the Quile family! Please know that the Cunningham family will continue to lift your family, your ministry, and your transitions into the throneroom of the Most High. We love you and we believe that the Spirit has led you to Lake Cities to further shape your character and the many gifts that you possess. Blessings on you brother!
Lauren Cunningham

Joel Quile said...


There are 2 within 10 minutes of the church. Come on. I’ll buy and I’ll introduce you to our Missions Committee. Seriously. Come on baby! Who knows what God has planned. I love you & Sara and will miss seeing you even if we didn’t see each other that much. I admire your passion and love for the King!

Just let me know.


PS: There is a going away party for us this Saturday that our Highland class is throwing. It is open to others outside of the class too. The Copes and Hares and others on staff are coming too. It is at Corey Patterson’s house. Call Kim today at 674-2000 for details.

tjmccloud said...

i knew something was up when you came out- i have been praying for you since. Lake Cities has no idea how great a catch they just landed, but they will, very soon. I love you and Kim so, so much, and are so proud of your work for the Lord. You guys are some of my heroes- May God bless your efforts at LC and ease the transition for you, the church, and your family.

Matt said...

Congrats, Joel! We're going to miss you, but I'm really excited about the things that are going to happen in Lake Cities. They've made a great, great choice for their next minister!

alan said...

We already feel blessed to have you, Kim, John, Laura, and Emily among our church family at Lake Cities ... and we're just getting started!

Brandon Scott said...

always the last to know. always.

Joel Quile said...


I know that pressing 1 and then talk and listening to your voicemail is very time consuming to a "Church of Christ Rock Star" like yourself...

I just wanted the ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB to know that Brandon was not the last to know and nobody should feel sorry for someone who has such a beautiful family, amazing friends, and millions of adoring fans asking them to sign their ZOE CD's and Bibles in elevators and churches across the world. Plus this guy gets to ride the illustrious coat tails of Cope and Woodroof to exoctic places like Fresno and Abilene. And please, please do not feel any sympathy for a man who has more natural vocal talent than anyone who has ever lived on the planet. I'm serious! Any of us poor folk who are feeling sorry for Brandon is like Mili Vanili feeling sorry for Luciano Pavarotti!

Don't believe the lies WORLD WIDE WEB!

Brandon, I love you and am sorry that you didn't get the voice message the other day. I called you again today. Call me Broseph.

In between your massage and your pedicure!