Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yeah, Like That Kind!

Do you remember the kind of smile you had on your face when you were like four and your mom or dad would tickle you?

Do you remember the kind of smile you had when you were eight and got that bike for Christmas?

Do you remember the smile your face dawned when you were twelve and you hit the winning home run in the bottom of the 7th with two outs?

Or the smile after that first kiss from "that girl" at age 16?

Do you remember back in college - that grin you wore after getting that A on the final of your hardest class? (I don't - I thought I'd ask you)

If you can remember all the times that you smiled a huge smile because you were so happy that you could hardly contain yourself...

You remember that smile?

Well, I have a smile on my face today.

Yeah, like that kind.


That Girl said...

Congratulations on the smile! I never got the college exam smile either!

Anonymous said...

I am sad that you are leaving, I really wish I could of worked with you. I loved working around your daughter. I loved working around your wife. I have only known you for a short time, but you mean so much to me. I have never really seen a minister quite like you before; you are really refreshing to me. I know you don’t know me that well, but at times your reading or hearing your words spoke to me.

I know the feeling that you are feeling in your heart. I have felt it under different terms. You and your family have brought me so much joy, I really know you are going to do so much for the glory of Christ. You have already shown me so much.

God Bless
BJ lewis

Renee Stevens said...

Praise GOd for a GREAT smile and a good feeling in the heart.
Joel I just know that whatever you do in the Lord you will prosper. Your commitment is evident in all you say and do. Keep growing!
P.S. Thank you so much for coming to do Rachel & Freddies wedding. It was out of this world awesome. Between the meaningful ceremony and the so evident love in the eyes of the Bride and Groom, a mother could not have felt better even if she were drunk--which I was accused of, but what does the world know of happiness? Was it Hannah that was also accused of being drunk in the temple??? :o)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! (I mean, I'm assuming that's why you're smiling.) That's awesome! Our singles minister used to be at that church as the youth minister. He's told us great stories about an elder named Bob. Ask him about Billy Crystal at the funeral. Good stuff. :)

Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Do they have Buffalo Wild Wings in Trophy Club?



(That's "tear" as in things that fall from eyes, not as in rip or rend).

Anonymous said...

Why are you so excited? Did you finally get rid of that nasty rash?I remember it smelled aweful.

Brandon Scott said...

is there something to know????

Anonymous said...

Joel...You are an awesome man of God. I look forward to some Starbucks someday in the near future. Come do something up here in the midwest!! I like traveling...and I have lots of instruments...and uh...I'm good lookin'!!

But seriously...blessings on you and your family bro. Take care.

Lovell's Lookout said...

(Read with Grant Boone's inflection and voice) Ladies and Gentlemen- Joel Quile' actually parred a golf hole at Maxwell!!!
Congrats Joel... What a great moment...

Kevin said...

praise God for good news!!! you will now be 160 miles closer to Tanzania!

Seriously, TC is about to embark on a new faith journey, with a God-fearing, passionate man and wife at its service. There are great things to come!

Bart Phillips said...

Joel, I'm proud of you. Way to go. I'll see you when I come back home to visit.

Anonymous said...

Are you pregnant Joel?

Joel Quile said...

Okay, a few ground rules here:

If I don't come out and say why I'm happy don't tell the world why I'm happy.

If I don't come out and say why I'm happy don't make up cute reasons in a weak attempt at humor. That is my job. I have the market cornered on weak attempts at humor. I have a monopoly at weak attempts. I have my Masters in weak attempts. Please leave the weak attempts to me. Come on!

And finally, if you are going to attempt to roast the host, then at least leave your name! Anonymous weak attempts are so bush league!

Thank You
- The Management

Anonymous said...

Did you say something about coming out?

Larry The Bush Leaguer

stuckinthe80s said...

Atta boy, Joel!