Thursday, June 01, 2006


I would hate to be one of my kids.

And for reasons other than the content of this blog! For reasons you could easily imagine! :)

I'm especially thinking about my girls. Ages 9 & 16.

here's why:

When I was their ages life was different. I was different. I never got bored. Never.

Because I could get into trouble.

Because there was summer school. Yeah, I know that is a shocker. My teachers liked me so much they asked me to come back during the summer and take classes over. Weird, huh?

There was baseball. From morning til evening, baseball! Sunscreen? - Nope! Parental supervision? - No way! Just seeds and scratching and split finger fastballs from sun up to sun down.

Plus we could get into trouble.

And we could have jobs. I was a Coke dealer at age 10. Yeah, my buddy and I built this box and with wheels and put ice in it and soft drinks (Cokes) and towed it on our bikes up the hill to sell at the ball fields without concession stands. Made like $375 one summer. Of course there was the paper route too.

And we could ride our bikes all over the planet. One summer I rode to New Zealand I think. I'm pretty sure it was New Zealand...

And did I mention we could get into trouble.

But my kids? As I type this they are down the hall (at our church) working in the Summer Preschool program. Laura is getting paid a bit and Emily is volunteering.

Not selling Coke, repeating Geometry, spiting seeds, riding to New Zealand...No, they are caring for kids...Volunteering.

I'd love be to my kids!

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That Girl said...

I work with the Junior Volunteers at our hospital. I have had as many as 80 students age 15-18 try to get the 20 spots that we offer. They spend their summer vacation doing work the rest of us hate to be paid to do.

I admire them!